How Much Does Your Scissor Lift Weigh?

“How much does my scissor lift weigh?” Well that question completely depends on your model of scissor lift. “Why does this matter?” The main reason why the operating weight is a vital thing to know is for transportation. The operating weight is how much your scissor lift actually weighs, including the battery and accessories within your machine. 

Below includes a large list of scissor lifts and their respective manufacturers. Right below this are common scissor lifts made by common manufacturers. These manufacturers are: JLG; Genie; Skyjack.

JLG 1930es Scissor Lift

Q: How much does my JLG 1930es scissor lift weigh?

A: 2,710 lbs; 1,229.24 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 3246ES scissor lift weigh?

A: 4,975 lbs; 2,256.62 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie GS1930 scissor lift weigh?

A: 3,302 lbs; 1,498 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie GS3246 scissor lift weigh?

A: 6,200 lbs; 2,812 kg.

Q: How much does my SkyJack SJIII 3219 scissor lift weigh?

A: 2,579.5 lbs; 1,170.04 kg.

Q: How much does my SkyJack SJIII 4632 scissor lift weigh?

A: 5,075.1 lbs; 2,302 kg.

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