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Forklift Transmission Remanufacturing Process

Cores can be received in many conditions. Our technicians will identify the specifics of each forklift transmission through the use of service part manuals for each type and vintage of transmission.

Transmission Before Remanufacture

The forklift transmission will be completely disassembled, each component laid out for inspection and prepared for washing.

Special baskets will be used for each transmission which will be washed in a hot aqueous solution and air dried after.

They are then blasted with soda medium to remove excess material, followed by a second bath to remove leftover soda material.

New components for each build are stored until needed for assembly of selected transmission.

Some components are not re-used in the remanufacturing process:

  1. Gaskets, seals, and O-rings.
  2. Bearings, clutch plates, and springs.
  3. Any components which do not meet OEM specifications.
Disassembled Transmission

For pre-assembly, all components are laid out and accounted for before assembly can begin. Assembly begins by following the guidelines set forth in the corresponding service manual for: Torque, backlash, preload, and spacing.

Finally testing of the remanufactured forklift transmission begins:

Testing Process
  1. Transmissions are warmed to operational temperature.
  2. Dye is introduced in the transmission fluid to detect leaking fluid.
  3. All of this is done under fluorescent light to continually check for leaks.
  4. Operational control and pressure is confirmed
  5. Test sheets are filled and a fresh coat of paint is applied
  6. Your forklift transmission is readied for shipping.
A remanufactured Transmission

Our process of remanufacturing is constantly improving and will never cease improving. We regularly update our cleaning, inspection, and assembly process using the latest technology to better serve our customers.

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