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Forklift How-To Articles & Guides | Maintain & Upgrade a Forklift

<a href="">Avoiding Common Forklift Hazards</a>
Avoiding Common Forklift Hazards

Here are some of the common hazards associated with forklifts and some ways of avoiding them.

<a href="">Construction Skills: Resources for Apprentices</a>
Construction Skills: Resources for Apprentices

Most apprentice programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED certificate. A worker is usuall….

<a href="">Different Types of Forklift Trucks</a>
7 Different Types of Forklifts | Common Classes of Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks come in a number of different sizes and models. In this article we will discuss the different ty ….

<a href="">Electric Forklift Tips and Tricks</a>
Electric Forklift Tips and Tricks

Start here before working on an electric forklift to learn some handing tips and tricks.

<a href="">Electrical Contactors</a>
Electrical Contactors

Learn how to identify and replace electrical contactors

<a href="">Forklift Battery Maintenance</a>

Forklifts may use several different types of batteries. It’s important to care for your battery to ensure you a ….

<a href="">Forklift Blocking Instructions</a>
Forklift Blocking Instructions

Equipment blocking procedures prior to performing repairs under a forklift.

<a href=""> Forklift Buying Guide</a>
Forklift Buying Guide

Looking to buy a used forklift truck? If you are, here are basic things you need to consider!

<a href=""> Forklift Truck Safety</a>
Forklift Truck Safety

The forklift truck has become the workhorse of modern warehousing operations. They allow us to move substantial ….

<a href="">Forklift Won't Start? Here's How to Troubleshoot It</a>
Forklift Won’t Start? Here’s How to Troubleshoot It

Your forklift won’t start. The shipment has arrived at your dock with your raw materials for the hot job.

<a href="">Hyster and Yale IFAK Tool</a>
Hyster and Yale IFAK Tool

You’ve watched the technician from the Hyster or Yale dealership using his laptop computer and the Ifak cable ….

<a href="">Proper Maintenance of Forklift Engines</a>
Proper Maintenance of Forklift Engines

Performing maintenance on forklifts and their different parts is absolutely vital.

<a href="">Replacing blown fuses on electric forklifts</a>
Replacing blown fuses on electric forklifts

Electric forklift stopped working? Could it be a fuse? Learn more

<a href="">Shorted or open circuits</a>
Shorted or open circuits

Learn the difference between an open electrical circuit and a shorted circuit

<a href="">Understanding Electrical Diagnostics</a>
Understanding Electrical Diagnostics

So your forklift won’t move, where do I start? The problem could be your electrical system.

<a href="">Understanding Forklift Tires</a>
Forklift Tire Replacement | When To Change Tires | Intella Liftparts

Forklift tires come in many different sizes and tread patterns to meet the needs of different equipment and envi ….

<a href="">History of The Fork Truck</a>
History of The Fork Truck

The fork truck, which later evolved into the forklift, has been in use for over 80 years. No one is quite certai ….

<a href="">Forklift Safety</a>
Forklift Safety

Forklifts or lift trucks are used by numerous industries. Moving materials, raising, lowering and removing large ….

<a href="">How to Select a Forklift Battery Charger</a>
How to Select a Forklift Battery Charger

Slecting a forklift battery charger is easy if you know what to look for. Read our “How to Select a Forklift Bat ….

<a href="">Where to find forklift serial numbers</a>
Where to find forklift serial numbers

Learn where to find a serial number on a forklift.

<a href="">Forklift Seatbelt Safety</a>
Forklift Seatbelt Safety

Seatbelts are important safety devices that were designed to secure vehicle occupants against the harmful moveme ….

<a href="">Knowing When It is Time to Change Forklift Tires</a>
Forklift Tire Replacement | When To Change Tires | Intella Liftparts

The tires of your forklift have a difficult life. They are required to traverse some rough terrain on your works ….

<a href="">How To: Performing Basic Maintenance on a Forklift</a>
How To: Performing Basic Maintenance on a Forklift

Forklifts are some of the most reliable and rugged machines used in many different industries; and a crucial fac ….

<a href="">Tips for Preventing Forklift Accidents</a>
Tips for Preventing Forklift Accidents

The need to optimize a company’s productivity combined with uncontrolled traffic and complex machinery, are all ….

<a href="">Forklifts: Cold Weather Operations and Safety Guide</a>
Forklifts: Cold Weather Operations and Safety Guide

Heavy machinery like forklifts require constant care and precautions even in the best weather conditions.

<a href="">10 Free Forklift Simulator Apps You Didn't Know Existed!</a>
10 Free Forklift Simulator Apps You Didn’t Know Existed!

There are simulation games for all types of activities such as flying, boating, fishing, and even driving a fork ….

<a href="">Glossary of Forklift Terminology</a>
Glossary of Forklift Terminology

We’ve compiled a list of all the top forklift terminology into one easy-to-understand article.

<a href="">Commonly Replaced Forklift Parts</a>
Commonly Replaced Forklift Parts

These forklift parts are some of the most commonly replaced on any model of forklift, and as an owner or operato ….

<a href="">How do battery chargers work?</a>
How do battery chargers work?

Good battery chargers provide the base for durable well-performing batteries.

<a href="">4 Things You Should Know About Battery Disposal and the Environment</a>
How To Dispose Of Batteries The Proper Way | 4 Facts You Should Know

Throwing away batteries may seem harmless, but can have dire effects on the environment.

<a href="">Heavy Vehicle Wheel Separations Guide and Exploring the Causes</a>
Wheel Separation Causes in Heavy Vehicles & How to Prevent Them

Imagine driving a massive 16-wheeler truck barreling down a clear, steep road. Suddenly ….

<a href=""> No Start - Engine Cranks Over</a>
No Start – Engine Cranks Over

The engine cranks over but does not start. What do I check first? Well I am going to start out by saying that yo ….

<a href="">Forklift Parts Inventory Best Practices</a>
Forklift Parts Inventory Best Practices

Looking for forklift parts inventory best practices? Here are the best practices of forklift inventory optimizat ….

<a href="">Canadian Forklift Guide</a>
Canadian Forklift Guide

There aren’t many forklift manufacturers that produce every type of forklift model available in the market. If ….

<a href=""> Trouble Shooting Forklift Issues</a>
Forklift Troubleshooting | Common Forklift Problems & How To Fix Them

Looking for a troubleshooting guide for your forklift? Looking for the proper part to get that forklift engine r ….

<a href="">Guide to Supply Chain Management</a>
Guide to Supply Chain Management

It doesn’t matter what you sell – if you have a product you’re supplying to a customer, there’s a good chance yo ….

<a href="">“WHO” Forklift FAQs</a>
“WHO” Forklift FAQs

It’s not entirely clear who first created the forklift, but the Clark Company is usually credited with inventing ….

<a href="">5 Most Important Parts of a Forklift</a>
5 Most Important Parts of a Forklift

Here are the 5 most important forklift parts that specialize in the safe operation of the machinery.

<a href="">Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Forklifts</a>
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Forklifts

Have questions about Forklifts? Here are the frequently asked questions (faqs) about forklifts with answers from ….

<a href="">FAQ - Can</a>
FAQ – Can

Description for this block. You can use this spaCan a forklift drive on the road? Can a forklift carry passengers? Can forklift batteries explode? Can a forklif …. ce for describing your block.

<a href="">History of The Wheel</a>
History of The Wheel

Imagine a world without wheels. We would have to find an alternative way to drive our vehicles around, our steer ….

<a href="">What is the load center of a forklift?</a>
Forklift Load Center | What Is It Used For? | Capacity & Attachments

If you work with forklifts, you should be familiar with the concept of load center distance.

<a href="">Poor Quality Propane and Forklifts</a>
Poor Quality Propane and Forklifts

There is a perception that propane quality has diminished over the years causing increased issues with the fuel ….

<a href="">About Timing Belts and Interference Engines</a>
About Timing Belts and Interference Engines

A timing belt is a belt made of rubber and other materials including polyurethane reinforced with polyester, fib ….

<a href="">Forklift Parts Repurposed to Build an Electric Motorcycle</a>
Forklift Parts Repurposed to Build an Electric Motorcycle

What do you think of when you think of an eco-friendly electric vehicle?

<a href="">FAQ - Will Not</a>
FAQ – Will Not

What to do when your forklift will not……

<a href="">Why are Blue Safety Lights Needed on Forklifts?</a>
Forklift Blue Safety Lights Importance | Why We Need These Lights

Each year forklifts account for almost 100,000 industrial accidents, about 1% of the accidents in the workplace.

<a href="">How To Fix Forklift Brakes</a>
How To Fix Forklift Brakes

This tutorial walks you through a typical forklift brake job.

<a href=""> How to rebuild Impco model J regulator</a>
How to rebuild Impco model J regulator

You will see in the tutorial below that rebuilding a model J is pretty simple.

<a href="">The most common forklift service call</a>
The most common forklift service call

One of the most common forklift complaints from forklift operators is a noticeable propane gas smell around the forklift.

<a href="">How to replace a forklift master cylinder</a>
How to replace a forklift master cylinder

This tutorial will show the replacement of a master cylinder on a Hyster 5000 pound forklift.

<a href="">How to fix forklift steer axle</a>
How to fix forklift steer axle

In this tutorial you’ll see how to replace some of the most common wear items.

<a href="">How to fix Aisan fuel regulator</a>
How to fix Aisan fuel regulator

Rebuilding an Aisan regulator is a bit more difficult than the traditional and popular Impco model J.

<a href="">How to replace a Toyota forklift seat</a>
How to replace a Toyota forklift seat

It’s super easy to replace a seat yourself, all you need are a socket set and a little mechanical ability.

<a href="">How to fix Clark forklift brakes</a>
How to fix Clark forklift brakes

An easy guide to changing Clark forklift brakes.

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