GE EV-100 codes explained

Q: What is the EV-100 control system?

A: General Electric manufactured the EV-100 control system for a number of years and it was, at least for a while, in the running for the best selling electric forklift control system of all time.  Today forklift technology has moved on and the EV-100 system is a relic from the past.

However, if your EV-100 system still works as it should, you’ve come to the right place for any parts you may need.  Intella carries transistors, diodes, contactors, rectifiers, and most other replacement parts for the EV-100 system. See some of these parts below, and see our full catalog of forklift parts here.

forklift transistor Intella Liftparts EV-100forklift diode Intella Liftparts EV-100forklift contactor GE Intella Liftparts

forklift rectifier Intella Liftparts

The GE EV-100 LX/LXT forklift system displays certain codes when the lift isn’t working correctly.  Wondering how to interpret one of these error codes? Look no further. View or download the attached PDF file for a chart of common error codes, their symptoms, their causes, and their possible solutions.

GE EV-100 error codes by Intella Liftparts

Having trouble with error codes from another brand? Check out these other helpful links:

If you need parts, Intella can help.  We have thousands of parts available at great prices and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  Click here for more information!

Also you can check out Intella’s YouTube channel for how-to videos and product demos

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