How to decode Yale forklift serial and model numbers

Note: If you’re looking to locate your Yale forklift serial number, check out our guide here

Yale forklift serial numbers

Q: How do I decode my Yale forklift serial number?

A: Yale forklift serial numbers consist of four parts, and each part gives information about the lift truck to which the serial number is assigned. These four parts are the design series, the manufacturing plant, the sequence of manufacture, and the year of manufacture of the lift truck. This system of numbering  has been in place since 1995. (If these instructions look familiar, it is because Yale and Hyster forklift serial numbers are interpreted the same way. Another blog post covers the basics of reading Hyster serial and model codes.)

Yale serial number model Intella Liftparts forklift parts

Part 1: This section should be a combination of letters and numbers. This sequence refers to the design series and model of the forklift, according to the table to the right. Click the table for a larger image.

Part 2: This section should be a single letter. It identifies the manufacturing plant, as described below.

•  A = Irvine, Scotland

•  B = Craigavon, Northern Ireland

•  D = Danville, IL, USA

•  E = Nijmegen, The Netherlands

•  F = Flemington, NJ, USA

•  G = government contracts

•  L = Lenoir, NC, USA

•  N = Greenville, NC, USA

•  R = OBU, Japan (OBU-SHI, Aichi-Ken, 474 IT)

•  S = Sulligent Mfg Plant; Sulligent, AL, USA

•  T = Masate, Italy

•  V = Berea, KY, USA

•  W = Schaeff; Sioux City, IA, USA

•  X = Modena, Italy

Part 3: This section should be a number sequence. It indicates the sequence of manufacture at the manufacturing plant of the lift truck. The numbering of production models for each plant begins at 1501.

Part 4: This last section should be a single letter. It indicates the year that the lift was manufactured. 1995 began with letter S, 1996 being T, 1997 being U, and etc. The full alphabet is used, except for I, O, and Q. Below are some recent years for reference.

•  X = 2000              •  D = 2006              •  K = 2012

•  Y = 2001              •  E = 2007               •  L = 2013

•  Z = 2002              •  F = 2008               •  M = 2014

•  A = 2003              •  G = 2009              •  N = 2015

•  B = 2004              •  H = 2010

•  C = 2005              •  J = 2011

Notice that, yes, a letter can refer to multiple years. For example, “S” can refer to either 1995 or 2018. Typically, though, you will be able to tell if your forklift is 20 years old or brand new.

Shortcut on Yale models:  If the model contains the letter C, it will have cushion forklift tires.  if the model contains the letter P, it will have pneumatic forklift tires or pneumatic shaped solid forklift tires.

Yale forklift model numbers

Yale model table Intella Liftparts forklift parts

Q: How do I decode my Yale forklift model number?

A: The first step to reading a Yale forklift model number is to understand which models fall under which types of Yale trucks. To the right is a table detailing which models are electric three wheels, electric four wheels, and ICEs. Click the table for a larger image.

Once you know which type of forklift you have, use the following chart to determine what the letters and numbers in your model number mean. Click on the chart to view a larger image. To download a PDF version of this chart, click here: Yale forklift model codes diagram Intella

Yale model number decoder Intella Liftparts forklift parts

Looking for Yale forklift parts? Intella can help. We have thousands of parts available at great prices and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Need Yale forklift parts?  Intella is your source.

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151 thoughts on “How to decode Yale forklift serial and model numbers”

  1. What year was GLC050DENUAE083 made

    Lorne Thomson
    1. Do you have a serial number to go along with this model number?

  2. Is this the model of my Yale forklift?
    Part # 920209-00
    Ser. YM 03258
    The above came off of the transmission on a Yale Eaton vin plate.

    1. That looks like the model & serial for the transmission itself

  3. Hi I just would like to find out our forklift can use in freezer or not.
    The modal number is NDR035EANM36TE101

    It’s Yale fork lift
    If you know please let me know thank you

    1. Your truck is electric so any extended period of time in the freezer could affect the electronics in the forklift. If you’re just going in and out, it should be just fine.

  4. Hi, Does anyone know if my Yale pallet stacker (MSW030SCN12TV083), serial # B820N03170X can use a 24V battery as opposed to 12V? Thanks in advance!

  5. I’m looking to find the model of electric forklift. I have an EATON s/n SA-155. Can you help

    chris geier
  6. I inherited a really old Yale forklift, Model K51T-50-U, Power 24C8. I know it was made in Philadelphia by the Yale and Town Mfg. Co. I am hoping to find an age or any other info so I can try to sell it. I cannot find info on Yale’s website nor has their service dept. returned my email. Thank you

    1. Pre 1970s is best we can tell. Put it this way, if it was 1950, 1960, or 1970 you’ll probably get the same price selling it used 🙂

  7. Looking for information about a yale G/L 83po80sws102 ser# p-278867
    The tag is a little beat up so it’s possible the o is a Q hard to tell. I’m trying to find an operator’s manual and parts manual. Are parts still available for this machine?

    1. Your request has been forwarded to our sales team.

  8. Hi how do I find out what year and what motor is in my Yale forklift.
    Truck model number is GLC050RCJU AV097
    Serial number is N404496

    Michael Zemple
    1. Hi Michael, Your forklift is a 1985. We do not have the motor information for you.

  9. Hi I have bought a Yale forklift with the following numbers.
    Model FG25CA
    Serial G63011
    Am after year number and possibly owners/parts manual.
    Thanks. Frank

    1. Hi Frank, Unfortunately our system does not show any date for this forklift. For specific parts questions, please contact our sales team

  10. I need help figuring out Information on a Yale Fork Lift.
    Truck Model No. GP040ABJUA E079
    Serial No. Y430309
    Type G

    General Jenkins
  11. Hi – I need to find out the year of our forklift if anyone can help
    Yale model # GLC030CENUAE084
    No: 0436309 / A809

    Sarah Basnett
    1. Hi Sarah, We need a few more digits: A809 Letter-###### Letter

  12. I would like to find out the year of manufacture and max lift capacity for Yale:
    Model No.: GLC120VXNGSF085
    Serial No.: E818V02357E

    1. Hi Doug, Your Yale forklfit has a 12,ooolb lift capacity and it was manufactured in 2007.

  13. We acquired a Yale 60vx
    Ser# D875V03776N(2) what’s up with the (2)

    1. It has no meaning for the serial number. It looks like it is unique to that forklift.

  14. Trying to figure out model and serial number of old Yale forklift with no data plate.

    Only numbers on unit are:

    D775028 and 5021352-07

    Can you help?

    1. Hello Doug, This is too old for our system.

  15. Having accelerator issues with this lift
    Erco 35 yale S/N n351661

  16. I have a Yale Truck GLC050ZGNGAE084 serial E18V17212Y. Need help with the manufacture date and also a diagram for the coil and distributor wiring. We are having trouble getting it to fire. A different mechanic started work on it and has since been fired. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Destiny, Our sales department will be happy to help you with this lookup if you email them!

  17. I’m looking for parts for my yale glc050 and I can’t figure out the year of it model# glc050rdnuae077lps serial#n473245 im looking for a starter and a radiator cap if you could tell me the year n motor so I could figure out what i need thank you

    Justin j egan
  18. Looking for motor info for my Yale L51C 040 NAS, sn 179103

    Dave Koenig
  19. what is resale value for a, # esc030sc1t071

    MODEL: ERC030ACN36SE083
    S/N: N520559

    1. Hi Paul, Your Yale is a 1992.

  21. what year is my Yale lift.
    s/n N526749
    mod # GLC030CENUAE083

    1. Hi Mike, That Yale is a 1993.

  22. Need brake parts for Yale
    Mod # L51C-040-NAT-071
    Ser # P-216043
    Not sure the year…

    1. Hi Karl, Please email this request to our sales team. They’ll be happy to assist you in finding the correct brake parts.

  23. I’m looking to find parts for a lift. GLP050RGNUAEO84LPS. Serial # E177B2368OV. Any information would be great. Thanks!!

    Brandon W
    1. Hi Brandon, Please email over this information as well as the parts you’re looking for to our sales team. They’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

  24. What year is my Yale forklift glco50vxnvsq262

    1. Hi Bob, What is the model number of this forklift? We need both to make sure our date is accurate.

  25. Can you ID a unit from the transmission id?

    Ronnie New
    1. Hi Ronnie, Possibly but make, model, and serial number of the unit plus the trans ID is always best

  26. Can someone please give me an email addy to send a pic of an old Yale to. I’m stuck. All I can tell you is it has a VA engine on lpg, manual hi Lo forward and backwards. Has dual wheels, fairly sure they are factory.

    Sterling Holmes
  27. I am trying to get parts for an older Yale Eaton forklift.
    I have put parentheses around some of model number that I am not sure of.
    GLC0(2 or 3)0(U)A(S)071P
    For the serial number I can only see 5 numbers. 10495. It uses propane and weighs 5000 or 6000 pounds
    It does have the numbers 19-83-02 stamped on a plate
    On the bottom of the model & SN
    Plate it says it meets all ANSIB56 1-1969 safety regulations. Any idea if I can still get parts. Year?

    1. Parts will be no problem but you really need the serial number. GLC030UA is the base model.
      Check out this page and you can find where the number is stamped on the frame.

  28. PY310495 is stamped into the metal. Must be S/N. Can anyone identify year and model.

    1. 1978

  29. What year is my yale forklift?

    1. Somewhere between 1986 and 1988, sorry we don’t have an exact listing on this one.

  30. What year is my forklift. Model GP050R/94 Serial Number G63027

    Don Lincoln
  31. Hello,
    For ordering parts I need the serial nr. Dealer says the known is invalid. Is it possible to check this?

    Plate says glp ae 015 02005

    Forklift is a yale, 1995, 1500kg, lpg, 4 wheels, sideshift, mazda, automatic shift, 4.3m triplo and weighs 2696kg.

    Tnx, Pieter

    Pieter Peerbolte
  32. I looking to purchase a Yale GLP050TFNUAE086. Can you tell me what year it is

    John Van Aert
    1. Can’t do much without the serial number. Estimate is early 2000s like between 2000 and 2006

  33. How about GC522024UF. Looking for a model number.

    Matthew T Allen
  34. Hi
    Looking for information on my Yale forklift.
    Model: GLP020UAT073M
    Serial: M222845
    Any info appreciated.

    Brake shoe part number is what I need now.


    Doug Whynott
  35. I have an OLD Yale forklift I still use on a daily basis at my shop. “Model LC 52-2024UF”, “Type LP”, “S/N H-002285”, “Power F124”. Max capacity 3,000#’s. Can anyone help me figure out the year of this baby?

    Thomas J Shinn
  36. I have a yale forklift with the following model number: GLP060TFNUAE087
    Can you tell me the year it was manufactured?

    Donna Long
    1. Hi Donna, In order to give you a date we would need both the model and serial numbers of your forklift.

  37. I have a GLP060TFNAE087 yale
    ser# N856105
    I know it is a 4 cylinder mazda SOHC engine
    is it a 2.0 litre or a 2.2 litre and an F2 or a FE engine Thanks

    Stephen Albrecht
    1. Good Morning Stephen, Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what motor he has based off of a model/serial number. You are missing a letter in the model number that would say what brand engine it is.

  38. Yale KGP51AT-40 Forklift
    Sn: 53851

    JR Smith
    1. 4000 pound capacity. Missing digits on the serial number. Late 1970s/early 80s vintage.

  39. I have an old Yale fork truck and need to get parts but can’t ID the dang thing.
    It is:
    – LP,
    – cushion/rubber ring tires.
    – Can lift about 2000 lbs (Small Forklift)
    has two numbers on the plate (The res is just a shiny metal plate)

    ANy help would be great!

    Randal Boyd
    1. You have a Yale G82C-30. Actually 3000 pound load capacity at 24 inch load center. Serial number probably isn’t correct. Might be 343082 or 443082. Late 1970s/early 1980s

  40. I really found the model decoder chart useful on here! Very well made and easy to follow.
    Could you possibly make some more charts like this for brands like Hyster and Toyota?
    It be appreciated. Thanks!

  41. I am looking for our Yale Forklift, especially to obtain parts for it. I do not see it listed here…
    Mode Number: GLP080LGNGBE088
    Serial Number: B813D04269W
    Would ours use the same forklift/parts as the B813D-2213 or B813D-2214?

    1. Not necessarily. Think of B813D as the vintage. The numbers after that are the sequence of the build. There may have been production changes between unit 2214 and unit 4269. Email what you need and we can look it up in our database

  42. I’m looking at a Yale fork lift
    Model KGP51AT-60 Type G
    SN H-005851 Power 931-1142
    Can you tell me year and size please ?

    1. 1958 6000 pound capacity G= SCR type controller. Museum piece.

  43. Hi, I purchased a very run down yale forklift a few years ago for odd jobs around my farm. I am needing to service it as it is not running very well. The data plate is not readable although on the inside of the side engine cover the previous owner has written was say the,
    Model no GLP050RC
    Serial no G844075 or 6844075
    Any help would be appreciated
    Kind Regards Terry

  44. What year is my Yale forklift?
    Model no. : GLR050RAGUAS094
    Serial no. : L309874

    1. Around 1977

  45. I am looking to buy a forklift and the guy told me to make an offer. We have no idea what and where to start.
    Model #GC-020-UAS-071-M
    Serial # M220583
    Type G

    Terry Brown
    1. That thing is ancient and belongs in a museum

  46. G51C-050-CFS-G
    AF 081508

    Bryan Toedtli
    1. 1964

  47. what year would this forklift be? Model:GDP110MGNUV088 Serial: 8818D01608

    1. You are missing the last digit which should be a letter. Please check it out and let us know.

  48. A809N02820T

    Jeff Chasser
    1. 96

  49. AE 059212 Looking for age and model. Need a mechanical fuel pump and carb kit

    1. 1963

  50. SERIAL # P-250436 MODEL # L83C-040-SWS-083 WHAT YEAR?

    christian young
    1. 1974


        christian young
  51. What Engine and year Do I have For Yale forklift. Serial # GDR040AENUAE085 Model# N547590

    1. 1993

  52. G83P-040-SWS-086
    What year? Looking for a service manual for it

    1. 1972

  53. looking to find out the year of my forklift. model number GLP050RDNUAF036 Serial N485640 Thanks

    1. 1985

  54. L52LT-2024-UF

    AF 071705

    Mark Lynch
    1. 1964

  55. Can I get the year of mine please,
    Series: N549898
    model :GTC050DENUAV092


    DAVE A
    1. 1993

  56. yale forklift GLC060VXNDSE086 SERIAL # C910V05300P
    what year and what motor is this thanks

    Jeff Dedic
    1. 2016

  57. Yale Model # GLCO30AENUAF083 Serial # N522322
    I am trying to find year of manufacture. Thank you.

    Till Owen
    1. Because the serial number, after omitting ‘N’, is 522322, it fits in the 1992 range

  58. Can someone help with an older model?
    Model: GTP050RDJUAE080
    Serial: G872045

    Marcus Radny
    1. Because of “872045” in serial number, it should be late 1994 or early 1995.

  59. Serial no. N539829
    Model # MRW030LAN24SE077EE
    Trying to figure out the year

    1. “539829” indicates it is a 1993 model.

  60. need to know manufacture year of a yale forklift serial number F233344

    Cleveland Dean
    1. 1973

  61. Yale G51P-E30-CAS
    Serial number AJ122680

    1. AJ prefix indicates it’s a 1967 model.

  62. I have a Yale H50XL Serial# C177B13106N – It doesn’t look like an 80’s build but I can’t find age info.

    Jim Hill
    1. Actually you have a HYSTER forklift not Yale. Though they are made by the same company…
      It is a 1992 unit.
      It’s possible you have a service/PM sticker on the mast from the local Yale dealer.

  63. Looking for the year on Model GLP040ADNUAV074LPS, Serial: N484530
    According to the chart, it would be pre-1995, but I’d like to find out what year exactly.

    Albert Treto
    1. 1989

  64. Looking for info on a Yale model – GLP050TFNUAE086 serial – E177B080795

    1. 5000 pound forklift with pneumatic tires
      Last digit should be letter S which would make it built in 1995.
      3 stage mast, Mazda F2 engine, shipped with 42 inch forks originally.
      We offer ALL parts for this unit! Call us with your parts needs 616-796-6638

  65. I have a Yale Forklift with Serial # P-289292. What Model # is it?

    Tom Shepherd
    1. Sorry can’t ID with that serial number. Probably early 1970s vintage though

  66. Can’t seem to make sense of this data when comparing to my lift. Can somebody please help? Model: L82C 020-HRS-090 Serial: P-203609

    Trying to find out engine model so i can track down tuneup parts. Thanks!

    1. Chrysler H225 slant 6 email us at [email protected] and we can supply a quote

  67. Hiya, looking for year of a Yale forklift
    Serial# P-250391 Type G
    Model# G83P-050-SBT-074

    1. 1973

  68. Could you tell me the year of this Yale Forklift?
    Model: KGPA51AT-40UF
    Type: G
    Serial #: H-0003558

    1. Ancient. 1958.

  69. Trying to find the year for our Yale forklift. Model No. GP050TFNUAE084, Serial No. N852045

    1. 1994

  70. Can you give me information on the year of M#-GLC050TENUAE083 S#-N514879

    Rick A Bowman
    1. 1991

  71. What Year Is A GDP040AENUAE074 S/N N525530 ?

    1. 1992

  72. What year is a GP050RDUJAE080
    Serial # Y436009

    1. Around 1986

  73. Looking for help figuring out year of MFG. Model #ER-150G72S-096. Serial# P339570. I’m aware its a 72volt with 15,000lb. cap, 4 wheel sit down but help figuring anything else out would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea, it is a YALE.

    Robert Wagner
    1. ERC150 ah yes, I remember those. Cushion tires, 15,000 pound capacity. Often used around Detroit in auto plants. Many were rebuilt for Chrysler even up through the late 1990s. Yours was built around 1978.

  74. I just bought an electric Yale. Model number ERC050RCN36SE084 S/N K602413. Most of the Model number I have broken down but the 9th X on the chart. That reefers to the “Control Type”. My number does not match any of those listed. Also the Serial number is nothing like stated in your breakdown. I guess its a Code A908 Class 1 but no date or anything. I am looking for manuals for this lift.

    1. Hello we will contact you

  75. Please what year is my forklift?
    GLP050 RCJUAE 086
    s/n 409687

    Steven Stanzione
    1. 1985

  76. looking for the age and parts manual of Yale Model# L83C00SAT071 , serial # 191848 Any help would be appreciated

    1. 1971

  77. What year is GLC050RDJJVAE083
    Serial # BB0464


    Dan Yantha
    1. Well, the serial number is missing a few digits. It should look like N123456 or P123456 Can you double check it?

  78. Can you help me figure out what year this model is ? I believe my numbers serial GLP050fdn- af083 I don’t know the space serial N48499 type LR

    1. Around 1989-1990. You are missing the last digit of your serial number. You provided N48499 it should be N and then 6 digits, not just 5 you provided.


  80. Can you help me figure out what year this model is ? I believe my numbers serial GLP050fdn- af083 I don’t know the space serial N48499 type LR

    The number looks like a 7
    Value ?

    Carol Vankampen
    1. 1989

  81. I’m trying to find out the year of a Yale forklift with model no. GLC030ADJUAE083 and serial number 463732

    David McArdle
    1. 1988