How to decode Toyota forklift model numbers

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Q: How do I decode my Toyota forklift model number?

A: There’s no denying it: Toyota forklift model numbers can be complicated. Each class of Toyota lift truck has a model number of a different length and is interpreted in a different way. Things can get confusing. Hopefully, however, the diagrams below may help in properly reading your Toyota forklift model number.

This diagram includes information for forklifts of classes I, II, II stand-up electric rider, III, IV, and V. Notice that there are nine sections on the diagram, but not all classes have information in their model numbers for each section. In these cases, the sections that are “not present” for your forklift’s class are simply skipped. To see an example of how to use the diagram, look at the second image. Click either image below to see a larger version. A PDF version of the main diagram available for download is also attached below.

Toyota forklift model code diagram Intella Liftparts forklift parts

A PDF version of this diagram is available for download here: Toyota forklift model codes diagram by Intella

SIS forklift radar

Below is the example of decoding a class IV forklift with model number 42-8FGCU25.

Toyota forklift model code diagram Intella Liftparts

CLASS WARFARE:  In the forklift industry when you hear the term “class” mentioned, it may mean two different things.

ITA forklift class:  ITA (Industrial Truck Association) created a class system for the type of forklift.  Class 1 is electric rider, class 4 is cushion sit down engine powered, etc.  That’s not to be confused with carriage class.  Class 3 forklift forks could fit on an ITA class 4 forklift.  Confused yet?    Just ask for clarification.  Is the person or website referring to forklift type class or carriage class.

Once you have your model number, visit our Toyota Forklift Parts Manual to get the parts you need.

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144 thoughts on “How to decode Toyota forklift model numbers”

  1. I have a 42-3FGC15, SN 403FGC15-15932, and a 42-4FGC25, SN 42-4FGC25-15707. Could you provide the date of manufacture on those, please? Is the 5R (LP) engine in both? Thank you for your help!

    Rob Keith
    1. Hi Rob,
      42-3FGC15 – 10/1/1987
      42-4FGC25 – 11/9/1984
      5R engine is in both

  2. Could you tell me the app value and age of Model # 7FGCU15 Serial 72931

    1. This Toyota forklift was produced in 2006.

  3. please tell me year of my Toyota lift 5FGCU15-71146

    Dean Andersen
    1. Hi Dean, Your Toyota is a 1992.

  4. Model# 3fg14
    SN# 10105

    Sam Engelking
    1. Hi Sam, Unfortunately this forklift is too old for our lookup system.

  5. Can you advise year of 7FBEU18. SN 11485. Thank you.

    Greg Ries
    1. Hi Greg, your forklift is a 2004.