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Crown Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?

Note: This page is for Crown forklifts only. To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides.


When ordering parts for your forklift, having the correct serial number for your forklift is crucial. But how do you find this important number? The quickest way to find your Crown forklift’s serial number is to check the lift’s nameplate (also called a data tag or data plate). This useful identifier displays a lot of important informatiocrown forklift serial number lookupn about your forklift, including its weight, its lifting capacity, its model, and (most importantly) its serial number. It often looks like the photo to the right. However, the nameplate is not always the only place to find this piece of information. In some cases, a Crown forklift’s serial number can also be found physically stamped somewhere on its frame.

Here’s an example of a serial number stamped into the side of the mast on a stand up Crown forklift:

 Below is a collection of images that show you where you can find your forklift’s serial number, either by way of its nameplate or its frame stamp. Just find your forklift’s model in the image titles and check out the highlighted section of the image.

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Models and serial numbers

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5 thoughts on “Crown Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?”

  1. My Crown forklift tire is broken down I need to buy new ones I don’t know what size they are but I have the serial number of the machine could you please tell me what size the tires are?
    Crown serial no 1A141070

  2. I cannot seem to find any spot on my Crown PE4000 Electric Pallet Jack that will tell me the year that it is. The serial number is 6A222688. Can anyone tell me the year this is?

    Joey O’Neill
    1. Hi Joey, Unfortunately on an electric pallet jack you are going to have to contact your local Crown dealership to get a year. Sorry about that.

  3. I need a part number for the packing kit the mast (45D MQ3294 00001 M additional number found on mast is 117077-045) on my Crown. The model is 40FCQUAD276 serial 9A107709

    1. Hi Destiny, Our sales department will be happy to help you with this lookup if you email them!