How to clear Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklift error codes

Q: How do I clear Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklift error codes?

A: Clearing codes for Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklifts is a very precise process. It helps to be familiar with these steps before attempting to clear forklift codes. It is also suggested that you use a stopwatch to time yourself accurately, as many steps require precise amounts of time before proceeding to following steps. The diagram shown is meant to present these steps visually.    Be patient–even seasoned Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklift mechanics get tripped up at times on these procedures!


1. Start the stopwatch and turn the forklift key switch on simultaneously. Do not press the accelerator.


2. Wait 3 seconds, then press the forklift accelerator five times in
succession, ending the set of five with the pedal released.  You need to do this within 5 seconds–if pushing the accelerator five times in a row takes longer than 5 seconds you risk never clearing the codes.


3. Wait 7 seconds, then press and hold the accelerator for 10 seconds or more until the malfunction indication light starts flashing.


4. Immediately release the accelerator pedal. This starts a self-diagnostic test, and the dashboard display will show one or more blinking forklift DTC codes.


5. Leave the pedal released for 10 seconds or more.


6. Press and hold the accelerator for 10 seconds or more. Doing so erases the results of the self-diagnostic test, successfully clearing the forklift codes. Only the current hour meter will be displayed on the dashboard; no codes should be present.

SIS forklift radar


7. Release the pedal and turn the key switch off.


8. Restart the forklift’s engine and make sure operation of the forklift is normal.

Important note!  Any service code related to the pedals themselves (such as brake light switches, etc) will never be cleared by this procedure.  The only way to resolve those codes is with the dealer provided service software.

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20 thoughts on “How to clear Caterpillar and Mitsubishi forklift error codes”

  1. Good information, Is there model year for these trucks ?

    Richard macklin
    1. This will apply for any Cat or Mitsubishi forklift with the Nissan K21 or K25 engine.

  2. Make CAT
    Model NOR30P
    My forklift is giving error code 40 what does it mean ?

    Peter Jean
    1. Hello
      Code 40 means the M contactor may be defective or the wiring is bad.
      The code title is “M Contactor detected closed when commanded to be open”
      M= main
      If you have a serial number we can try to find the correct part for you.

  3. Error code 30 an a mitsubishi would mean what?

    1. What is your model and serial number?

  4. Can’t erase code e-21 Nissan Mcpl01a18pv
    Checked harness to mass air flow, replaced sensor. It will not reset the code. I also replaced throttle position sensor to be sure it will work during reset procedure. Any thoughts?

    ricky jimenez
  5. Hello, have a CAT P6000 S/N AT13F03845
    has codes F04 and P04
    Could this unit have a bad ECM?

  6. Cat c5000 after pedal dance code flashing is 10 long 10short 10short 10short any idea?

  7. I have Mitsubishi forklift and it has a fault f-73 . Do someone know what does it mean and how to fix it ? Thankful.

  8. Good day sir, my mitsubishi 6M60-TL diesel engine has an error message E30,E44 what could that mean.thanks

    1. Unfortunately, you will need to contact your local Mitsubishi dealer to get the error message.

  9. Hi I am trying to repair a caterpillar NR14N with error 47. Can you help me?
    The serial number of the truck is 8NN00315.

  10. Hi, how change speed limit. ? Mitsubishi edia 25 ? Thx

  11. Hi I have a CAT model# GP30N and I have a E-43 code I looked it up the owner’s manual did not get much description I tried to clear The Code by using the pedal sequence it did not work can you please help

    Ryan miller
  12. Hi
    Model: NS3000
    My forklift is giving error code AL 313 what does it mean?

  13. What does code mean #A9

  14. Hi I have a CAT Model: P5000, Serial No: AT3507504 with error codes E27 and E28. While operating the forklift in gear, it suddenly goes into neutral. We replaced the Cam sensor and Crankshaft sensor but still no luck. Any ideas? And also, how soon does Intella ship parts?

    1. Hi Nick, I have sent your info on to our tech look up guy and they will get back to you on any ideas. As far as how quickly we ship: if the part is in stock and you order by 4pm EST, it should ship same day. We do have a few vendors that will ship directly to you if we don’t have it in stock here as well.

      1. Help me, mitsubishi forklift error d-0.