We’ve Got Clark Parts at Competitive Prices!

Intella sources Clark parts at competitive prices and is pleased to announce these new lower prices on common C series parts. Clark forklifts have been built in Korea for years. The Clark C series of forklifts is built in Korea.  Since they’re built in Korea, there are times when their parts prices are quite high due to exchange rates, freight costs, and demand amount.

Clark aftermarket parts provided by Intella Parts Company come with a solid warranty.  There’s no reason not to try aftermarket parts!

Some might ask: “well, if I use an aftermarket part will I void my warranty?”  Nope–your warranty will not be voided!  Also, in many cases we supply parts from the same vendor as supplies the OEM–check out Clark 8064706 traction controller.  Ours comes from the same supplier as Clark, so you’ll be getting the same part but for a much lower price!

Below are some products we offer at competitively low prices.  They’re all top quality! To browse our Clark category, please navigate to this link. Unsure of what parts you need? Intella Parts Company offers part industry renowned customer service! Call us at 616-796-6638 or email us at [email protected] for lookups or assistance.

C Series Clark Forklift

Product Code Description Image
CLA-8064706 8064706 CONTROL TRAC Clark control trac
Cla-8041565 Pump Assembly Hydraulic(19Cc) Replaces 8041565 Clark assembly hydraulic
Cla-2794117 Ring & Pinion Replaces 2794117 Clark Ring & Pinion
CLA-8030287 8030287 DISPLAY – DASH  Clark DISPLAY - DASH
CLA-8063836 8063836 DISPLAY  Clark - DISPLAY
CLA-8002263 8002263 WHEEL  Clark wheel
CLA-8074692 8074692 COVER-FRONT 
CLA-8098362 8098362 PANEL – INSTRUMENT  Clark panel - instrument
Cla-8038325 Cylinder Tilt Replaces 8038325 Clark cylinder tilt
CLA-8102213 8102213 CYLINDER STE 
Cla-8045128 Clark Harness Replaces 8045128  Clark Harness
Cla-8038342 Tilt Cylinder Replaces 8038342
CLA-8080428 8080428 PULL ROD ASSEMBLY Clark pull rod assembly
CLA-8113031 8113031 LEVER ASSEMBLY – FWD/REV 
CLA-8042996 8042996 SENSOR-SPEED 12V  Clark sensor
Cla-2788033 Bushing Replaces 2788033

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