Clark Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?

Note: This page is for Clark forklifts only. To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides.

If you are looking for mast parts (or as Clark refers to them “deck parts”), please view our Clark forklift mast ID guide here

Quickest Way to Find the Serial Number

The quickest way to find your Clark forklift’s serial number is to check the forklift’s data tag (also called a data plate or nameplate). This useful plaque displays various details about your lift–its model, how much it weighs, how much it can lift, and (most importantly) its serial number. If you have a Clark forklift parts catalog for your machine, the serial number will also be printed on the front cover.  On a Clark forklift, the nameplate looks like the image to the right and is often found near the dashboard or the seat, like in the image to the left:

clark forklift serial number, clark forklift serial number lookup, clark forklift serial number locationclark forklift serial number, clark forklift serial number lookup, clark forklift serial number locationWhat if the Nameplate is No Longer There?

clark forklift serial number, clark forklift serial number lookup, clark forklift serial number locationBut what if your forklift’s nameplate has worn down or fallen off? Don’t panic. A Clark forklift’s serial number can be found physically stamped right on its frame. Often, this number is stamped in the left-hand frame member of the chassis. For example, to the right is the frame stamp from the forklift shown above. So, if you’re in dire need of your serial number and your nameplate is out of commission, remember to check the body of your truck too!


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106 thoughts on “Clark Forklift Serial Number Lookup: Where Do I Find It?”

  1. hi clark # gps 138 243 5634fa any imformation?

    jodie d wiggins
    1. If your last 4 digits truly are 5634 then it was built in 1984, I’m sort of skeptical however, can you double check the 5634

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
      1. my bad last 4 is 5534

        jodie d wiggins
        1. one last question is it possible to get a carb kit without carb #s

          jodie d wiggins
          1. Serial number needed; please email us at [email protected]

            Intella Parts Company, LLC
        2. 1984

          Intella Parts Company, LLC
  2. How can I get a replacement serial number plate? My forklift is a 1952, 20-30 mast, 6000-lb model. The tag is almost unreadable. The best characters I can read in the serial number box are as follows: CLD-2827-LM, with a model number of 4024 — questionable, too. It issuing stored 30 miles away & I would like to get some parts for it, including a new serial number plate.

  3. C500-50
    Serial number

    kevin a pangle
    1. 1969…if you need parts for this Clark forklift, email us at [email protected] we’ll hook you up!

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  4. Can you help me with the production year for my two Clark forklifts?
    CGP30; P365L-0721-9489FB
    CMP70; CMP570D 0016 6882KF
    Thank you

    Paul Holderman
    1. CGP30; P365L-0721-9489FB = 1998

      CMP70; CMP570D 0016 6882KF = somewhere between 1999 and 2003

      Please use Intella for all your Clark forklift parts needs.

      Intella Parts Company, LLC
  5. Have a Clark Clipper CE 45413. Gas engine. Looking for more info. Year, motor. Parts list or place to find parts.

    Riley Junek
    1. Built in 1951, belongs in a museum

      Intella Parts Company, LLC