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Burned out lights? Why LEDs are just plain better


There’s no question: LED forklift lights are superior to any other type of forklift light. To understand why, let’s first look at some examples of other available lights.


sealed beam Intella Liftparts forklift parts

•  sealed beams: A sealed beam light consists of three key components: a parabolic reflector, one or more lighting filaments, and a glass or plastic lens. It is called a sealed beam because these components are all permanently attached (sealed) together. While these lights are cheap and readily available, they have relatively short lives (about 300 hours), are easily broken during shipping, and are relatively dim (typically about 500 lumen). Perhaps not the best choice.



halogen lamp bulb Intella Liftparts

 halogen lamp: A halogen lamp is essentially a special version of a sealed beam. Inside, it contains a halogen gas (usually iodine or bromine) that reacts with the filament to increase the life of the filament and keep it from decomposing and clouding the lens. These bulbs are bright, compact, and easy to install, but they still have relatively short lives and can be damaged by seemingly harmless things like oil from a fingerprint. They must be handled with care.



This brings us to the LED, the best light currently on the market. Why is it so great? Here goes:




LEDs are bright. They can put out more than 1,000 lumens, which is double the competition (think of the puny sealed beams).




compact forklift LED Intella Liftparts




For their brightness, LED bulbs are extremely compact and very efficient.





long lasting forklift LED Intella Liftparts



LEDs last a long time. They typically have lifespans of over 10,000 hours, which you may realize is more than an entire year of constant output. This is compared to the 300-hour life of a sealed beam (only 3% of the lifespan of an LED). 300 hours won’t get you even two weeks of light.




cheap forklift LED Intella Liftparts



These forklift lights are getting cheaper. Yes, they’re currently more expensive than both the sealed beam and the halogen lamp, but because of their many other advantages, they are becoming more popular. Competition in the market drives down prices and increases quality, and that’s good for you, the consumer.

burned sealed beam Intella Liftparts
Poor halogen doesn’t stand a chance.



Still not convinced? Click here to watch our video comparing forklift sealed beams and LEDs.



Intella Liftparts bluespot light
That’s more like it. Intella’s signature BlueSpot® blue forklift light
LED strobe light amber Intella Liftparts forklight parts
A strobe LED, also available from Intella


strobe LED light red Intella Liftparts forklift parts
Available in other colors too!

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UL listed blue forklift lights

The Intella Liftparts BlueSpot® safety light leads the industry in quality.  What’s important to note about our BlueSpot® is that it’s UL listed, which means that it meets the tough and exacting standards that Underwriters Laboratories places on lights for forklifts.


Chances are, the forklift that you operate is also UL listed.  That means that if you replace any component on the forklift, or add any electrical component to the forklift, it needs to be UL listed.  Wondering if your forklift is UL listed?  Most will have a tag right in the front of the forklift on the front of the dash with the UL logo.


Here are some photos of various forklift UL tags.


UL listed Caterpillar forklift
UL listed Caterpillar forklift
UL listed Mitsubishi forklift
UL listed Mitsubishi forklift
Toyota UL lable
UL Listed Toyota Forklift



UL listed Hyster forklift
UL listed Hyster forklift
UL listed Yale forklift
UL listed Yale forklift
UL listed Doosan forklift
UL listed Doosan forklift
UL listed Clark forklift
UL listed Clark forklift
UL listed Hyster forklift
UL listed Hyster forklift


UL listed Nissan/Unicarriers forklift
UL listed Nissan/Unicarriers forklift

UL listed Hyundai forklift
UL listed Hyundai forklift










UL listed Komatsu forklift
UL listed Komatsu forklift

Some other features of the Intella BlueSpot® blue forklift light include:

•  stainless steel hardware

•  tough metal construction

•  Rated IP67 – suitable for wet/indoor-outdoor environments

•  polycarbonate lense- suitable for food manufacturing applications


Each Intella BlueSpot® is burn-tested before leaving the factory.  In the pictures below you can see the manufacturing test lab where each light is run for at least 60 minutes.


Blue forklift light
BlueSpot® forklift lights being tested
blue forklift light
inside a manufacturing test lab

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Forklift backup cameras @ ProMat 2015

Day four!  Final day.  It could be argued that ProMat could simply be a 3 day show.  The fourth and final day lacks the energy of the first 2 days as exhibitors are worn out, and traffic in general is significantly lighter.  As an exhibitor, we tend to walk the show on Thursday simply because the traffic at our own booth is very light.

ProMat 2015 Intella Liftparts
Thursday, the slowest day of the ProMat show


We had the following goals at ProMat 2015:  first, introduce our new products lines: forklift backup cameras, ATIB Chargers, BlueSpot(R) Safety light, and LED work lights.  Our second goal was to find new customers.  On both points we succeeded in a big way.  ProMat is the largest material handling show of its kind in North America.  One could argue that there are a number of exhibitors which have nothing to do with forklifts, and that’s true.  However, the crowd is so large it dwarfs any other event out there.  Over 40,000 end users, over 3,000 forklift dealers…show me another event where 3,000 forklift dealer personnel are attending–yep, there isn’t one.

A big hit at the show was our new product line of forklift backup cameras.  We entered this market about a year ago; our product line includes wired and wireless forklift camera systems, along with a variety of monitors.  They help operators see what’s behind them before they back up.


Wired forklift camera systems start at $499.00 / wireless forklift camera systems start at $599.00


Forklift backup cameras
Intella’s line of forklift back up cameras help operators see what’s behind them!




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Forklift forks: technical details on Intella’s range of fork arms

Intella Liftparts’ forklift forks are manufactured to meet or exceed two major specifications.

ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) has published standard number B56 11.4 revision 2013 entitled “Hook type forks and fork carriers for powered industrial fork trucks.”  This standard encompasses standards relating to hook type forks up to 24,000 pound lifting capacity.  Intella’s forklift forks are built to meet this standard.  It’s important to note that ANSI doesn’t “approve” or “endorse” certain products–they simply publish a standard for manufacturers to adhere to.  For more information on this standard, and to download and read the standard click here.  You may download a PDF of the standard for no charge by submitting your name and email address.

forklift forks intella liftparts

ISO2330 is the world standard for forklift forks.  This International Standard specifies manufacturing, testing and marking requirements for solid-section fork arms, for quantity production and with all types of mounting.  Here’s the main difference between ANSI B56 and ISO2330.    Manufacturers “self-certify” to the ANSI B56 standard–ANSI publishes standards, they don’t approve or disapprove products that claim to be built to that standard.  ISO2330, on the other hand, actually is an audited standard–if manufacturers advertise that they build forklift forks to ISO2330, they must pay for an extensive on-site audit.  Once the auditors certify that the standard is met, the manufacturer receives an ISO2330 certificate.

The first ISO2330 test is a yield test.  For forklift forks built to a load capacity of less than 5500 kilograms (12,100 pounds), the test load is 3 times the load capacity.  For forklifts forks built to a load capacity of greater than 5500 kilograms (12,100 pounds), the test load is anywhere between 2.5 and 3 times the load capacity of the fork.

The second ISO2330 test is an impact test.  In this test, cross sections of steel are removed from the forklift fork according to ISO 683-1.  They are then impact tested according to ISO148 at -20 celsius.

The third ISO2330 test is a fatigue test.  In this test, the sample forklift fork is load tested 1,000,000 (one million) times (!!).  The load is 1.25 times the lifting capacity of the fork.   The fork can’t fail, and there can be no cracks after the test.

All three of these tests are performed under the auspices of the ISO auditor.  This is a major difference from the ANSI specification.  You can rest assured that Intella forklift forklifts are manufactured to top international standards and suitable for any industrial forklift.

The last ISO2330 requirement is that each forklift fork is stamped on its side with the following:

– fork arm capacity in kilograms

load center in millimeters

– manufacturers designation

– date code or serial number code

SORRY Americans used to inches and pounds!  Since this is a global standard, it’s all metric on the forks

forklift forks markings

In the above photo, you see 2500×500.  What this means is that the fork has a lifting capacity of 2500 kilograms (5,500 pounds) at a 500 mm (20 inch) load center.  This is the forklift fork capacity per fork not per pair.  In this example, if you had two of these forks on a forklift, your forklift forks have a lifting capacity of 5,000 kilograms (11,000 pounds).  This should not be confused with the lifting capacity of your forklift.  Consult the manufacturer’s data tag on your forklift to determine the lifting capacity of your forklift.

Forklift forks are measured and ordered by knowing length, width, and height.  To learn more about measuring forklift forks, check out this Youtube video:


Looking for forklift forks? Intella LiftParts can help!

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Toyota 4Y forklift engine

Toyota has used its 4Y engine for forklifts with size capacities between 1.5 and 3.0 tons since early 1990s.   Toyota forklifts with models proceeded with the number 42 all are equipped with the 4Y engine.

toyota 4y forklift engine intella liftparts

The Toyota 4Y engine dates all the way back to the 1970s.  It was first seen in small light duty trucks such as the Toyota Stout, Hilace, Daihatsu Delta, and Australian built Toyota 4Runners.  Virtually every gasoline or LPG engine used in forklifts today were originally used in automobiles.   The Mazda FE and F2 engines used in Hyster and Yale forklifts were used in Mazda B2000 pickup trucks.  The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine used in Cat and Mitsubishi forklifts was used in Mitsubishi Lancer and Gallant models.  The GM 4.3 liter engine has been used in a variety of Chevy and GMC trucks.  And the Nissan H20 engine was used in a variety of different Nissan car models.  So no surprise that the Toyota 4Y engine got its start in the automotive world.

The 4Y engine has a 2.2 liter displacement with 4 inline cylinders.    It’s typically fitted with an Aisan fuel system of some sort, depending on the emissions rules in the country it’s sold in.  Need firing order, spark plug gap, and other technical info?  Detailed technical specifications can be found here

Toyota owns a portion of many of its suppliers so it comes as no surprise that Aisan is owned by the Toyota group.  The distributor, ignition parts, and electrical system used on the 4Y is made by Toyota owned Denso, and it can truly be said that the majority of the engine and surrounding components are manufactured by either Toyota or Toyota owned suppliers.

Intella offers a variety of parts for the 4Y engines.  We offer overhaul gasket kits, replacement heads, tune up parts.

If your data plate shows a model like these, you can be assured you have a 4Y engine in your forklift:

42-6FGCU15  (42 = 4Y engine code)

If you’re wondering how to determine if your Toyota forklift has a 4Y engine, you can usually figure it out from the data tag of the forklift.

Toyota forklift models typically look like this:  42-6FGCU25.  Let’s decode those letters and numbers.

First off, the first two digits indicate the type of engine in the forklift.  Here are common engine codes

42 = Toyota 4Y engine LPG and gasoline

02 = Toyota  1DZ diesel engine

52 = GM engine typically 6 cylinder 4.3 engine

Now for the rest of the model 6FGCU25

6 is design series.  Toyota started with no number (the first models were simply FGC25, then they moved to 2FGC25, 3FGC, etc, etc)

FGC stands for Forklift Gas (can be gasoline of LPG/propane) Cushion tires.

FDC stands for Forklift Diesel Cushion tires.  FBC Forklift Battery (electric powered) Cushion.

No tire code = pneumatic tires on forklift (default type of tires.  Cushion tires are really only used in North America).

The U designates the factory the forklift was built in.  U = United states, F = France, no letter = Japan.

The number represents the lifting capacity in kilograms/100.  A 25 = 2500kg lifting capacity.  An 18 = 1800kg capacity, etc, etc.

So a 42-6FGCU25 Toyota would be equipped with a Toyota 4Y engine, it’s a 6 series model, it uses either gasoline or propane, it has cushion tires, was made in the United States, and has a lifting capacity of 2500 kilograms.

We have the toyota forklift parts you need at Intella LiftParts.

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OrangeParts – Intella Liftparts’ exclusive brand of forklift parts

Our corporate name is Intella Liftparts.  We mostly market under the Intella name, but we also have our own house brand of forklift parts called OrangeParts.

What’s up with OrangeParts?

This is actually the brand name of our parent company VanGent Forklift Parts.  VanGent’s located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and orange is the color of the royal family (the king) of Holland.

We use the orange logo on a wide variety of our custom packaged forklift parts. You’ll see it on items like starters, forklift seat belts, mast bearings, and our Alligator forklift jack, just to name a few.






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Forklift tire chains

Learn how to buy the right forklift tires.

Intella offers a complete range of forklift tire chains for pneumatic and solid shaped pneumatic forklift tires.  They’re also referred to as snow chains. Getting tire chains for your forklift helps your forklift tires grip better.   If you have a forklift that operates in the snow, installing tire chains will reduce spinning and improve traction. However, our tire chains are suitable for pneumatic tires on forklifts.  They won’t work on cushion tired forklifts.

Snow Chains

Q: How can you tell if you have a forklift with cushion tires or pneumatic tires?

A: There are many ways to figure out which kind of tires you have on your truck. First of all, if your tires have a valve stem on them, you have pneumatic tires.

A: If the tires on your forklift are marked with a size that includes a colon (:) like this 700:12  or 825:15, you have pneumatic tires and our tire chains will work.

SIS forklift radar

A: If your tires are marked with a size like this: 18x7x12.125  (3 numbers with an X in between the numbers) or 21x7x15 you have CUSHION tires–our tire chains won’t work. An example of a cushion tired forklift is below:

cushion tire forklift

A: If you have a Yale forklift or a Japanese brand forklift (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu, TCM) and the model number has a C in the model like this: 7FGC25 you have a forklift with cushion tires and our tire chains won’t work.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular models of forklifts with cushion tires (these are models our forklift tire chains will NOT work on)

Toyota 7FGCU25  8FGCU25 8FGCU30  8FBCU25

Yale GLC050RG  GLC030AF  GLC080LG ERC050RG

Hyster S50XM  S50FT  S80XL S50XL  E50XM

Clark CGC25  ECG25

Cat GC25  GC25k  C5000 EC25

Crown  (any model !)


A: If you have an electric (battery powered) forklift and you are in North America, you probably have cushion tires and our forklift tire chains won’t work.  There are some exceptions but 95% of electric forklifts sold in North America have cushion tires not pneumatic tires.

A: If you have pneumatic shaped tires (solid rubber tires, but with a size like 700:12, 600:9, etc), our tire chains WILL work.  These are not cushion tires but what we call in the industry as ‘solid pneumatics.’

An example of a forklift with pneumatic tires is below:pneumatic tire forklift

If you want to eliminate constantly repairing tire punctures, tears, and leaks, you need solid skid steer tires.

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Forklift Blue Light – FAQ | Forklift Safety Light

Note: Buy the forklift blue light online now!


We get a ton of questions on the blue forklift safety light, our BlueSpot®.  Here are some common questions along with answers:

What makes your blue light better than others?

– It’s UL listed (most are not).  If you operate a UL listed forklift and install a non-UL listed accessory you will void the UL rating of your forklift

– Stainless steel hardware

– Integrated wire harness (no custom AMP connectors required)

– Polycarbonate lens – suitable for food manufacturing environments

– IP 67 rated – suitable for wet environments

– metal case (compare to others with plastic case)

– beefy, heavy duty 2.3 pound construction

What voltages are offered?  Our part number 01291296 comes in 9 through 96 volts DC.


SIS forklift radar


How do you wire the Blue spot into the forklift?

You can wire the lamp into a rear work light circuit or strobe circuit.  Depends if you want the lamp to always be on or only in reverse.    Customers have told us that they pigtail into existing reverse/tail lights on forklifts.    The amp draw a VERY low 0.52 amp @ 12 volts.  (it’s an LED light!)

 Does the light stay on only in reverse?

This really depends how you connect the light to the forklift.  We recommend that the lamp automatically turns on whenever the key switch is on.  It’s sure to attract attention if the forklift is going forward or backwards.   We recommend that a professional forklift mechanic install the blue spot.

What other colors are available? 

We offer blue and red versions.

How bright is the beam of light?  The blue spot has an effective lumen rating of 33 lumens.  It’s designed to be a bright blue spot even in the brightest factory–white lights on a white floor, for example.

How far does the BlueSpot® shine?

BlueSpot® can be angled in a bunch of different positions.  On most forklifts, the blue spot around 7-8 feet behind the forklift.  The distance depends on the angle mounted.

How do you mount the blue spot to the lift truck?

They are usually mounted on the overhead guard.  Many forklifts have holes pre-drilled in the overhead guard for work lights, you can use one of those holes.

Is there a pulse setting so it can flash a bit?  No, it just projects the beam on the ground for people to see.

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What’s OEM? What’s original? What’s aftermarket?

Find Common Forklift Parts at Intella Liftparts!

There are many conflicting articles and posts online about original OEM forklift parts and aftermarket forklift parts.  For the record, everything we sell at Intella Liftparts is aftermarket.

But what is aftermarket?   Is it the same as will-fit?  Knock-off?

Let’s get some terms out of the way.  First off, we define aftermarket forklift parts as any forklift part that doesn’t come packaged in an OEM box from an OEM dealer.  Now many OEM dealers will state the party line that all aftermarket parts are bad.  The only problem with that logic when it comes to Intella, is that we buy from many of the same suppliers than forklift manufacturers buy from.  We supply Donaldson filters, Axletech axle parts, Dana transmission parts, Perkins engine parts…you get the picture.    We try to buy parts direct from the same supplier that supplies the OEM.  Most times we can do that–sometimes we cannot.

In the cases we cannot buy from the OEM supplier, we reverse engineer the part.  Our parent company, VanGent Forklift Parts has been in business since 1968 so we quite a bit of experience engineering forklift parts.

forklift parts quality system
Measuring and managing quality

We take the original part, make a drawing from it and then from that drawing we manufacture the part.  Our manufacturing division, Inparts BV, often makes many of the machined parts and forklift cylinders which we offer.

Is using aftermarket forklift parts bad?   Sometimes you don’t have a choice.  Sometimes aftermarket forklift parts suppliers can supply a part that even the OEM can no longer supply.  In those cases you don’t have a choice.  But more important than the sticker on the box is the part itself and the company supporting the parts.  You can be assured that we stand behind everything that we sell!

An open secret in the industry is that most of the large OEMs supply aftermarket parts as well as OEM parts.  Toyota’s StarLift program is mostly TotalSource forklift parts.  Hyster’s Unisource program?  Yep, supplied by TVH.  In other words, OEMs act like this:  for parts on our brand forklift, you need to buy our OEM parts .  But if it’s any other brand, feel free to use our competitive parts program.  Which is, um, aftermarket.

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Shipping options from Intella Liftparts, Inc.

For most of our orders, we ship FedEx.  FedEx generally has the latest pickup here and they offer the best level of service throughout the United States.  If you are shipping to a residential address, FedEx Home delivers on Saturdays but not Monday.  That helps if you need a part for Saturday–there’s no extra charge.

We can ship on your account as well.  If you prefer that we use DHL or UPS, please supply that information when you place your order and we’ll use your account.


If you need forklift parts quicker than ground service, we can ship any air freight method–2nd day air, 3rd day, next day, priority one, and so on.  We’ll get you your forklift parts quick!


SIS forklift radar


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