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Universal Waterproof Forklift Seat Cover

Intella Parts is proud to announce a brand new universal waterproof forklift seat cover.

One of the largest sources of forklift seat depreciation is rain / snow. With this product, your seat will be covered at all times.

This seat cover is universal and can fit all forklift models and brands as well as all seats.

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Intella Stocks Bromma Parts

bromma parts

Intella now stocks Bromma parts!

Bromma is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of spreaders around the world. In the United States, a very common Bromma model is the STS45.

Spreaders can be very expensive to maintain. In fact, flippers on spreaders are typically the most expensive item to maintain.

If you are looking for a long term solution to reduce flipper damage, explore FlexiFlipper!

Check out some of the products that we stock!

Bromma Part No.Product Name
1012189Bromma 1012189 Attachment
700871Bromma 700871 Auxiliary Block
43654Bromma 43654 Blockading Piece
56825Bromma 56825 Hydraulic Hose With Fitting
1017442Bromma 1017442 Cable Connector
1700599Bromma 1700599 Canopen I/O Module
79661Bromma 79661 Directional Control Valve
1123117Bromma 1123117 Electrical Motor
24486Bromma 24486 Hydraulic Motor T131
48702Bromma 48702 Ir-Sensor
1701085Bromma 1701085 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Green LED
1701086Bromma 1701086 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Red LED
1701087Bromma 1701087 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Blue LED
1701089Bromma 1701089 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Transparent LED
1703274Bromma 1703274 Power Supply

Need Bromma Parts?

Give us a call or text at (616) 796-6638, or email us at [email protected]!

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New Raymond Joystick Parts Offered!

These new Raymond joystick parts are now offered at Intella Parts! Order today.

Part Number Price
828-009-630/019 $782.55
828-009-630/013 $782.55
828-009-630/007 $782.55
114-120-264/004 $944.30
828-006-161/017 $791.60
828-006-161/013 $791.60
828-006-214 $784.30
828-009-630/014 $876.30
154-012-422/003 $863.50
828-006-154/007 $467.79
950-blu/grd $96.81


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How to Replace Load Wheels

The load wheels of a machine are primarily responsible for carrying the load, and typically carry the braking system making them a vital component of its respective machine, thus making it important to replace load wheels when needed. Depending on the material that your machine drives on will determine what type of material is needed.

Common materials include the following: polyurethane, nylon, steel and rubber. In addition to material type, level of hardness is also a key attribute. With these components comes a difficult decision: which material do I need for MY machinery?

Load Wheels By Brand

Out of convenience, Intella separates them by brand of forklift. We offer load wheels for the following brands: Yale, Clark, Hyster, Toyota, Crown, Raymond, and CAT.

How to Replace Load Wheels

We made a step by step YouTube video on how to replace load wheels. Here are all the steps:

Step 1: Remove Roll Pin and Pivot Pin

replace load wheels

Step 2: Punch New Bearings In

replace load wheels

Step 3: Install Wheel in New Riser

replace load wheels

Step 4: Tap in Roll Pins

replace load wheel

Step 5: Install New Pivot Pin in Riser/Link

replace load wheels

Step 6: Install Riser into Jack. Install New Roll Pins

replace load wheels

Step 7: Apply Grease, Install Riser into Jack

replace load wheels

Step 8: Install New Bearings into Wheels

replace load wheels

Step 9: Install New Wheel

Step 10: Apply Grease

Click here to watch the entire video.

Why Buy?

All of these forklift brands–Yale, Clark, Hyster, Toyota, Crown, Raymond, CAT— don’t manufacture their own load wheels, so when you buy from Intella, you’re most likely buying from the same suppliers as them ensuring that the load wheel you purchase fits the model you use. Intella also offers the best parts prices across the internet!

Need help?

Unsure of which one you need? Give us a call at 616-796-6638 (or email us at [email protected]) for a product lookup and experience our top notch customer service!

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Linde Forklift Maintenance Kits

Time to service a Linde forklift? Our Linde forklift maintenance kits have everything you need for the standard maintenance based on usage hours. From filters to o-rings and all the washer and spark plugs needed – its all in one place! Below is a list of kits listed with the Linde part number as well as the details you need so it is easy to order.

Call 616-796-6638 or email us today with any questions regarding Linde forklift maintenance kits.

How to determine the year of a Linde Forklift:

Linde uses a 3 digit series system for their models of forklifts.  For example, you can have a series 394 forklift.  To determine the year of a Linde forklift, there will be a letter in the serial number after the series number.  Here’s a handy chart showing which letters correspond to which year.  For example, if your Linde has a serial number of H2X394T02292, it will be a 2006 truck (T=2006)


Linde Code


Linde Code


Linde Code





























































Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Forklift Paint by the Gallon in All the Colors You Need – Intella Parts Company, LLC

Need help on how to paint a forklift properly? Click here!

Paints and Forklift Brands

Have a forklift that needs a little bigger paint job but aren’t sure what color to order? No problem. Intella Parts has you covered. Check out the images below for some of the most popular brands and colors of forklift paint by the gallon.

Click on the images to bring you right to our store website so you can get your paint coming today! Have questions or need some more information? Feel free to call (616-796-6638) or email


Toyota has the largest forklift plant in the world. That means there are an awful lot of Toyota forklifts in warehouses and on docks around the world. And forklifts take a beating – we all know this. Let Intella Parts help you find the right paint for your Toyota forklift today. We have color swatches as well as part numbers and years where needed so you can make sure your Toyota orange is the right one.

Links to paint (left to right): SY82455GAL, SY59377GAL, SY59376PRO, SY59379GAL


We all know Hyster uses that bright red on their forks and yellow truck bases. Make sure you have the right shade of yellow on your truck. Hyster has THREE yellow paints currently on the warehouse floor.

Links to paint (top to bottom): SY23285GAL, SY23275GAL, SY24221


Blues and yellows are the colors of most Komatsu forklift trucks. We offer the old  and the new colors and have them ready to ship to you today.Links to paint (top to bottom): SY59346GAL, SY59348GAL, SY59345GAL


Yale forklifts use a variety of yellow and parchment colored paints. They all have different names so they’re easier to distinguish than some other brands.


Links to paint (top to bottom): SY23431GAL, SY28501GAL, SY71113GAL, sy59340gal


The Clark Equipment Company is ultimately responsible for the forklift truck that we know today. Their green and yellow forklifts were the staple of US lift trucks during WWII – and have been keeping us going strong ever sense.

Links to paint (left to right): SY41027CLA-1802517-GALSY41036


It is  little tricky to figure out the correct color of forklift paint for your Crown forklift. They like to use the same hues and not necessarily change them by date. We offer the full line up of all Crown’s beige and gray forklift paint.

Links to paint (left to right): SY43308GALSY43309GALSY59338GALSY59337GAL


Need help choosing a paint for another forklift? What about a Taylor Forklift or another brand? Contact us at (616) 796-6638 or email us at [email protected] to find what you need.

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You can’t spell reliable without Renold ANSI Roller Chain

Take your operations further with the Renold ANSI Roller Chain.

Domestic, agricultural and industrial machinery commonly use an roller chainANSI roller chain for transmission of mechanical power. One of the most noteworthy applications that people recognize is the chain on a bicycle. Roller chains are also used on conveyors, cars, motorcycles, printing presses and much other machinery. Renold has been manufacturing quality components that exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for over 100 years now. Ever since their first chain in 1878, Renold has been advancing chain technology. Renold offers top grade factory lubrication, accurate press fits, and super-straight bushings. As a result, the time needed to break in a new chain is greatly reduced.

For those who are looking for a hardworking chain, Intella now offers a select few of these Renolds chains online. All chains come 10 feet in length and there are various dimensions to choose from. We offer a Chinese manufactured roller chain for an economic option. Also offered is a German manufactured roller chain for top of the line quality and reliability.

Renold SingleIntella offers ANSI Roller Chains of a few different dimensions

Different parts of a roller chain pictured here:

A)   Pitch
B)   Inside Width Min
C)   Roller Diameter Max
D)   Plate Height Max
E)   Inner Plate Thick Max
F)   Outer Plate Thick Max
G)   Pin Diameter Max
H)   Pin Length Max
J)   Connector Link Extra Max

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

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Keep Out Zone Light

*NEW SAFETY PRODUCT*  –  Keep Out Zone Light

Keep Out Zone Light Intella Liftparts

Our ‘Keep Out’ Red Zone Light does exactly that–keeps pedestrians away from your forklifts! There are nearly 19,000 forklift related accidents per year involving pedestrians in the USA alone. Help reduce this number with the Keep Out Zone Light to warn pedestrians of forklifts in the area. The light is easily installed on the side of the forklift. When mounted, the product projects a large, red beam of light onto the ground to warn pedestrians in the work area that a forklift is near. The red beam of light projected on the ground is referred to as the ‘keep out zone’ and is not to be entered while the forklift is in operation.

When used in conjunction with the Blue Spot Forklift Light, which is mounted on the back of the forklift, pedestrians can have complete awareness of forklift traffic. The Blue Spot Forklift Light warns pedestrians around the corner or down the aisle that traffic is coming. The Keep Out Zone Light helps pedestrians keep a safe distance away from the forklift at all times. The Keep Out Zone Light is similar to the Speaker Model 527 (part no. 0549271). Intella also has an online accessory catalog full of LED work lights suitable for forklifts. You can download that pdf file here.

Warns Pedestrians
Installed on Forklift

Length: 2.54″
Width: 10.50″
Height: 4.37″
Weight: 2.75 lb

Housing: UV Resistant Thermoplastic (ASA)
Lens: High-Grade Polycarbonate
Heat Sink: Die Casting Aluminum
Mounting Hardware: Stainless Steel

Rating: 9-33V DC Multi-Voltage
Amps: 1.7 Amps @ 12V
Operating Temperature: -22°F to 149°F
Vibration: 7G
LED Lamp Type: 3W x 12 PCS (615~630mm)
LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Partial Flux: 3000 Lm

Area covered by light when mounted at specific height:

Mounting Height at 4ft — 6.1ft width, 1.3ft depth

6ft — 9.1ft width, 2.0ft depth

8ft — 12.1ft width, 2.7ft depth

10ft — 15.2ft width, 3.3ft depth

12ft — 18.2ft width, 4.0ft depth

14ft — 21.2ft width, 4.7ft depth

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

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My Forklift Battery Smells Funny

My forklift battery smells a lot like rotten eggs – Why?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the smell of rotten eggs Forklift Battery Charger Intella Liftparts
coming from your forklift battery is not a good thing. The unpleasant smell resembling that of expired eggs is actually sulfur. Forklift batteries are made from lead plates that are covered in a lead oxide paste. This then sits in a pool of sulfuric acid. Almost every vehicular battery, regardless of the application, will at some point get a bad cell. When one of these battery cells stop taking a charge, the battery charger will throw everything it’s got at it to try and bring up the voltage. This causes the cell to get very hot and will boil the sulfuric acid stored inside the battery. When sulfuric acid gets cooked, you’re left with the rotten egg smell. Now if you’ve got an internal combustion forklift, the alternator could be overcharging your battery also resulting in the funky smell.

Forklift Battery Chargers Intella LiftpartsSo now I know why it smells, but what do I do now?

First thing’s first: Turn that charger off and let the battery cool down. No one likes boiling sulfuric acid. For safety reasons, place a tag on the battery to make sure no one uses it. Get in contact with a professional to check out your battery and charger. Have the professional replace the bad cell. If you can’t replace the cell, replace the battery. Following the replacement of the battery or the battery cell, check to see if your charger is working properly. No one wants to buy a new battery only to have it ruined by a bad battery charger.

What caused my battery to fail?

Assuming that it wasn’t your battery charger that was the problem, there are a few things that may have caused your battery to fail.

  • Water – If the water that you add to the battery is full of dissolved minerals, the minerals can accumulate making it rather difficult for the battery to take a charge. This can cause the cell to overheat.
  • Warehouse Floor – Working on an uneven floor can jar the forklift battery, knocking the oxide paste off of the plates causing them to short out.
  • Manufacturer’s Defect – Every now and then a battery may flat out under-perform. This can be due to a defect in the battery. Check with the manufacturer of the battery in regards to warranty information as many times they will be covered for a certain number of years.

Where to go from here.

Thinking your forklift battery charger is the problem?

Here are some helpful links:

Guide to selecting a new battery charger

Battery charger catalog

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

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Impco Model J Regulator and Friends

The Impco Model J Regulator is a fantastic product, but like all machine parts, get worn out and need care. This blog page is dedicated to repairing and/or replacing your regulator. Impco is a manufacturer of fuel system components that has been around since 1958. Impco works with fuel system components  for alternative fuels like LPG/propane gas that allow for a cleaner environment. You can find Impco parts in a variety of different forklift brands such as Hyster, Nissan, Toyota, Yale and many others. Intella carries the most popular pressure regulator, the Impco Model J, along with a few other models, accessories and kits.

How to Repair and Rebuild Your Impco Model J Regulator:

Full Replacements:

So your regulator is on it’s way to the forklift graveyard? Have no fear. Here at Intella we have a couple different models so you can find the perfect replacement to get your forklift running smooth again.

Classic model:  Impco Model J Regulator

Impco Model J Regulator

The Impco Model J regulator/vaporizer delivers reliable performance and pressure output consistency. It’s reliability, especially with questionable fuel quality, has made it an industry standard for many years. Two vapor outlet pressures are available. The standard Impco Model JB (this version, meaning blue spring) provides -1.5″wc (0.37 kPa). The optional JO (J-orange) provides 0.5″ wc (0.12 wPa). The port size and mounting pad locations are identical to the Impco Cobra regulator and include a primary pressure test port and “left” or “right” fuel outlets.

Hyster 0213549
Nissan 16310-90H71
Nissan 16310-90H72
Toyota 23530-U2000-71
Toyota 23530-U2001-71
Yale 517079800

Base model:  Generic Model JB Regulator

impco model j regulator intella liftparts

The generic model JB regulator and the Impco Model J are similar in build, although a noticeable difference would be the primer button found on the generic model JB. Impco no longer manufactures Model J’s with a primer button but the generic model JB does have one. The primer button can allow for a shot of propane  into the engine for starting purposes. The “B” stands for blue spring.  This is by far the most common model J regulator.  The blue spring offers negative 0.37 kPa (1.5 inches w.c.). The Impco Model JB diaphragm is made of hydrin and is suitable for most applications.

Repair Kits:

Don’t think you need a brand new regulator? Save some money and pick up a rebuild kit. You can repair and rebuild Model J Regulators using kits made of hydrin or silicone. You can rebuild a Model J regulator as many times as you can get your paws on a rebuild kit. Oh and you’re in luck because here at Intella, we regularly stock a few different kits.

What’s the difference between hydrin and silicone you ask?

Well to start off, silicone performs better in colder climates than hydrin. This is due to the fact that the silicone diaphragm stays noticeably more flexible in colder weather. The physical makeup of silicone is actually lighter than hydrin too, making a little bit more responsive. Lastly and very advantageous, is that silicone has a better resistance to being damaged from fuel.

Classic Kit: Impco Model J Repair Kit

impco model j regulator intella liftparts

Most common Impco regulator repair kit, mostly used on forklift propane fuel systems. Repair kit for the popular Model J forklift LPG regulator. Includes hydrin diaphragm, secondary seats, gaskets and primary diaphragm. Exactly what you need to rebuild an Impco Model J regulator.

If you need parts, Intella can help.  We have thousands of parts available at great prices and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  Click here for more information! Also you can check out Intella’s YouTube channel for how-to videos and product demos.

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