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Donaldson Pre-cleaners from Intella!

Topspin HD Precleaners provide a useful and practical solution to help prevent the tough conditions that our machines can go through. There are eight different sizes that can be purchased to help fit the size of your machine. There are multiple pros for having a Donaldson Top Spin HD Precleaner: cheaper operating cost; less maintenance downtime; your engines can breathe easier; far less air filters needed.

Topspin HD Precleaners are most-valuable when used in clean demanding environment. These environments include: construction; gas; oil; mining. Normal precleaners won’t withstand the beating that these environments give; however, Donaldson’s TopSpin HD Precleaner was built to withstand these conditions. With that being said, the TopSpin HD Precleaner may be the last precleaner that you’ll ever have to buy!

One of the best features that Donaldson’s Topspin HD Precleaner provides is that it doesn’t require you to empty a bowl. Its design allows means that particles will get removed automatically without any attention from you. All you have to do is set it up and let it clean!

Intella Liftparts Inc offers the 8 different variants of this product. The difference between these variants are the size. The larger machine you have, the larger pre-cleaner you’ll need. The following product numbers have links to our store website (the higher the number, the bigger the size): H002850; H002851; H002852; H002853; H002854; H002855; H002856; H002857.

If you currently have a Donaldson Full-View, Donaldson Topspin Precleaner, Fleetguard, Centri, Enginaire, Sy-Klone, Turbo II, or Turbo III precleaner, then you can easily upgrade to a Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner. 

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002850 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-20; Enginaire 200;  AP8408; AP3000; 9000R; Turbo III 15; H001823; H002434.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002851 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-25; Enginaire 255; AP3000; H001251; H002436.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002852 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-30; Enginaire 330; AP3000; Turbo II 24; Turbo III 50; H001249; H002437.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002853 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-40; Enginaire 440S; AP8403; AP4500; 9001R; Turbo II 24; Turbo III 50; H000858; H002394.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002854 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-50; Enginaire 550; AP8404; AP5000; 9002; 9002R; Turbo II 46; H002043; H002433

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002855 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-60; Enginaire 660; Turbo II 68; Turbo III 500; H002223; H002438.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002856 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-70; Enginaire 770L; AP8405; 9003; Turbo II 68; Turbo III 500; H002224; H002439.

The following models can easily upgrade to a H002856 Donaldson Topspin HD Precleaner: EX-80; Enginaire 880; Turbo II 68; Turbo III 500.

More info can be found here or on this PDF.

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How Much Does Your Scissor Lift Weigh?

“How much does my scissor lift weigh?” Well that question completely depends on your model of scissor lift. “Why does this matter?” The main reason why the operating weight is a vital thing to know is for transportation. The operating weight is how much your scissor lift actually weighs, including the battery and accessories within your machine. 

Below includes a large list of scissor lifts and their respective manufacturers. Right below this are common scissor lifts made by common manufacturers. These manufacturers are: JLG; Genie; Skyjack.

JLG 1930es Scissor Lift

Q: How much does my JLG 1930es scissor lift weigh?

A: 2,710 lbs; 1,229.24 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 3246ES scissor lift weigh?

A: 4,975 lbs; 2,256.62 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie GS1930 scissor lift weigh?

A: 3,302 lbs; 1,498 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie GS3246 scissor lift weigh?

A: 6,200 lbs; 2,812 kg.

Q: How much does my SkyJack SJIII 3219 scissor lift weigh?

A: 2,579.5 lbs; 1,170.04 kg.

Q: How much does my SkyJack SJIII 4632 scissor lift weigh?

A: 5,075.1 lbs; 2,302 kg.

Download a larger list here:

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How Much Does Your Articulating Boom Lift Weigh?

What’s the weight of your articulating boom lift? Articulating boom lifts are very useful for getting to high places in a quiet and smooth manner. The operating weight is key to know as it determines what angles are feasible and how much weight can be put onto the platform. Operating weight measures how much the machinery actually weighs. This information is useful for, as said above, how high you can go with your articulating boom lift and what angles you can use. It also is useful for transportation and what kind of vehicle is needed to transport one. 

Below is a list of manufacturers and their boom lifts. Common articulating boom lifts made by these manufacturers and their respective weight are listed below. The manufacturers listed below are the following: Genie; JLG.

Genie S60 Boom Lift

Q: How much does my Genie S60 boom lift weigh?

A: 20,690 lbs; 9385 kg.

Q: How much does my Genie S85 boom lift weigh?

A: 38,000 lbs; 17,236 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 600AJ boom lift weigh?

A: 22,740 lbs; 10,314.69 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 660SJ boom lift weigh?

A: 25,341 lbs; 11,494.48 kg.

Q: How much does my JLG 800AJ boom lift weigh?

A: 34,130 lbs; 15,481.11 kg.

Download a larger list here:

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How much does your telehandler weigh?

What’s the weight of your telehandler? This is a question that can be quite difficult to figure out, yet a vital one to know. The weight of your telehandler has a direct relationship with its respective lifting capacity. The higher the weight of your telehandler, the more you can lift. With that being said, the angle of which the boom of the telehandler is situated at can also affect the lift capacity. The lower the degree of your boom, the less you can lift. For example, if the boom is completely parallel with the ground, your telehandler can lift as little as 400lbs (180kg). If the angle of the boom is 60°, your telehandler could lift potentially 10,000lbs (4535kg), yet again, the lift capacity depends on the operation weight of your telehandler. 

Below is a list a list of operational weights for telehandlers. This list will include telehandlers that are produced by big manufacturers. These brands include: Genie; Cat; JLG; Skytrak; JCB. Some common telehandlers and their operational weights are listed below.

Genie GTH-1056

Q: How much does a Genie GTH-1056 telehandler weigh?

A: 30,000 lbs; 13,608 kg.

Q: How much does a Genie GTH-5519 telehandler weigh?

A: 10,000 lbs; 4,536 kg.

Q: How much does a Cat TL1055 telehandler weigh?

A: 34,700 lbs; 15,739.66 kg.

Q: How much does a Cat TL943 telehandler weigh?

A: 26,525 lbs; 12032 kg.

Q: How much does a JLG G10-55A telehandler weigh?

A: 34,400 lbs; 15603.58 kg.

Q: How much does a JLG 1255 telehandler weigh?

A: 33,960 lbs; 15,404 kg.

Q: How much does a Skytrak 10054 telehandler weigh?

A: 28,200 lbs; 12,791.3 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 540-170 telehandler weigh?

A: 8,818.5 lbs; 4,000 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 520-50 telehandler weigh?

A: 9,700 lbs; 4,400 kg.

Q: How much does a JCB 531-70 telehandler weigh?

A: 15,215 lbs; 6,901.41 kg.

Download a larger list here:

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ZF off-highway transmission parts

ZF transmissions can be found in a variety of brands of equipment including Hyster, Kalmar, JLG, SkyTrak, Gehl, Hyundai, and many others. Need ZF parts? You’ve come to the right place. ZF transmissions are made in Germany and since we’re part of a European company, we can get your ZF parts quick. We offer 2 and 3 day transit time on ZF parts direct from Europe at super competitive prices.


It can be confusing when you hear the ZF name for the first time. In the United States, we pronounce Z like “zee” so most Americans would say ZF like “Zee Eff”. In Canada and the UK, it’s pronounced “Zed eff”. We’ve even seen ZF spelled differently too! We’ve received emails where customers ask for “Zeteff” parts, Zed-f transmission parts, Zedeff transmissions, and even others.


Where do I find ZF serial number tag?

ZF serial number tags are on the side of the ZF transmission.  They’re typically fairly easy to find.  The older your equipment is, the more likely the tag may be damaged.  ZF refers to this tag as the “model identification plate”.  It contains all the information required to order spare parts for the ZF transmission.

ZF data tag ZF serial number plate


What do ZF parts manuals look like?

ZF data tag ZF serial number plate
Typical ZF parts manual page


What ZF transmissions are used in forklifts and aerial lifts?


JLG/Skytrak have used the 4 WG 98 model from ZF


Hyster/Yale have used a variety of different ZF models.  Hyster/Yale formerly used Dana/Clark transmissions but switched to ZF in recent years.  Models include 3 WG 201 as well as WG 211, WG161, and others.


Hyundai Forklifts have used 3 WG 94 ZF models and others.


Need more help?  Need to order parts?  Intella Liftparts can help.  With the help of our parent company located in The Netherlands, we have fast shipping of off-highway ZF transmission parts direct from Europe.  Often we can offer quicker turnaround time than other suppliers in the United States!  Search for ZF off-highway parts here

Graziano gearbox

ZF off Highway Transmission

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Ignition keypads for forklifts, construction equipment, and golf carts

It’s a fairly common problem: you want to make sure only authorized personnel operate your equipment.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • you park your forklift in one place, walk away, just to come back later and find the forklift missing. Where’d it go? Who’s using it?
1039100 Intella forklift keypad

Intella’s got the solution for you. Our 1039100 ignition keypad ensures only authorized personnel will operate your equipment.

The unit can be progammed for up to 99 users. Once you’ve installed the unit, each driver will have his or her unique code. The code will be required before the vehicle or equipment can be operated. All user codes can be reprogrammed and unused user numbers can be temporarily disabled for additional security.

Check out these additional features:

Last User Identification – Can identify to the supervisor the user number of the last user of a vehicle.

Automatic Shut-0ff – Detects vehicle activity. If the vehicle has been inactive beyond a specifìed period of time, the switch will deactivate securing the vehicle. This feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated as desired.

Maintenance Alert – Can accumulate vehicle usage time and provide audible and visible signals indicating when vehicle maintenance is due. After maintenance is performed, the cycle can be reset as desired. This feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated by supervisor.

Accumulated Time – Can accumulate total vehicle usage time. This accumulated time can be accessed through the Supervisor Code.

The supervisor’s access code can be changed using the factory progammed reset code.

Installation only requires 4-5 wires to connect. Click here to order.

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Donaldson Filters

Intella offers the complete line of Donaldson filters!

Donaldson is a premium manufacturer of filters for on- and off-road equipment.  Intella buys directly from Donaldson and offers fast shipping and competitive prices on the entire Donaldson product line.

Our super fast online search allows you to enter Donaldson part numbers and get prices super fast.  Explore our offering of Donaldson filters here


Here are some examples of Donaldson’s product line:

Cyclopac air filters:

donaldson filters cyclopac












Top spin air pre-cleaners

Donaldson filters











Donaldson hydraulic filters


donaldson filters





Donaldson filter housings

donaldson filters
XRB Air cleaner family group, XRB08, 10, 12













Donaldson filter heads











Donaldson clean filtration solutions

Donaldson clean filters

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Forklift filters

Want to learn about forklift filters?  Every forklift has filters that need to be routinely changed!  But not all forklifts have the same filters…and not all filters have to be changed in the same interval.


Forklift Engine Oil Filters

forklift filters
Typical forklift oil filter

Most forklift manufacturers will state in their service manuals that engine oil filters need to be changed every 500 hours.  A simple way of keeping track of when you last changed your forklift filter is to write the hour meter reading when you changed the filter and the date on the filter itself.  If your forklift is run less than 500 hours, the filter should be changed at least once per year.

Forklift Air Filters

forklift air filter
Typical forklift air filter. This one is made by Donaldson

A general rule of thumb is to check the air filter in your forklift each time you change the oil.  So if you are changing the engine oil filter every 500 hours, you should be checking the air filter at the same time.  There are a bunch of tips on checking air filters here.

Transmission Forklift Filters

Forklift transmission filter
Forklift transmission filter

You will want to check your forklift’s transmission filter and fluid every 500 hours.  Filters and fluids should be replaced every 2000 hours.


Hydraulic Filters – in line

forklift hydraulic filter
Typical in line hydraulic filter

Forklift hydraulic filters should be changed every 2000 hours.  Again, they should be checked every 500 hours and it does depend largely on the type of application you are running.  Dirty and dusty applications require more frequent filter changes.

Hydraulic Filters – sump

Same story on these guys.  Check them every 500 hours, replace them every 2000 hours, depending on how dirty your environment is.

Forklift sump filter
Sump filter

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forklift overhead guards

Forklift overhead guards – order online

Forklift overhead guards are very important safety devices which are used on every forklift.  When damaged, they need to be replaced.  Intella Liftparts offers competitive pricing on new and used forklift overhead guards.  We can offer new overhead guards at competitive prices AND we can provide used overhead guards.

forklift overhead guard used


Used forklift overhead guards come from forklifts which are retired and being “scrapped” for parts.  Often these forklifts will be too costly to maintain but the overhead guard still will be in good condition.  Do you need to obtain a price on a used forklift overhead guard?  Please provide the make, model, and serial number from your forklift.  That information can be found on the forklift data tag.   Once you have that information, please call us at 616-796-1288 or email us with the information.




OSHA has a number of rules on forklift overhead guards which can be found here.  The short answer is that OSHA requires overhead guards on forklifts and it’s not acceptable to remove the overhead guard permanently.  The general rule of thumb for OSHA requirements on safety items on forklifts is this:  if the safety device was included on the forklift when it was originally manufactured, that safety device needs to stay on the forklift and shouldn’t be removed.


Need any of these overhead guards?  We can help.  Used overhead guards are priced on an as-needed basis, availability often changes quickly.  Hyster 1599204, Hyster 1599205, Hyster 1599203, Toyota 51601-U2162-71, Yale 550046736.


Below is a photo of a used overhead guard we recently sold.  As you can see, there’s a bit of rust on the top but it’s still perfectly suitable.  The price of this OHG new was over $4000!  This used forklift overhead guard sold for around half–$2200.00

forklift overhead guard
Example of a used overhead guard sold by Intella


Common questions about forklift overhead guards:

Question: Can I replace my forklift overhead guard with any forklift overhead guard?  Are they universal?

Answer:  No.  Each forklift overhead guard is custom designed to the make and model of each particular forklift.


Question:  Can I replace only certain components of the overhead guard?  For example, I just want to replace one leg of the overhead guard.

Answer:  Usually no, unless the manufacturer designed it that way.  A few manufacturers design their forklift overhead guards to bolt together: the four legs are bolted to a top ‘ceiling’ frame.  It’s a great design because it’s simple to replace one leg in the future but unfortunately most forklift manufacturers built their overhead guards as one welded piece and you have to replace the entire overhead guard.


Question:  are aftermarket forklift overhead guards available?

Answer:  We offer a few aftermarket forklift overhead guards.  They are rare and if you are looking to save money on a replacement overhead guard, a used overhead guard is often the best option.


Question:  How much do forklift overhead guards cost?

Answer:  New forklift overhead guards range from around $1200 – $3000, depending on the size of the forklift and the brand of the forklift.  Used forklift overhead guard prices depend on availability, age, and brand of the forklift but they are typically half or two-thirds the price of new.  Contact us at 616-796-1288 and we can help with your forklift overhead guard problem!


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toyota forklift transmission

Toyota 8 Series New Transmissions

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmissions are made by Aisin Company. They’re actually built in an Aisin plant in Indiana so even though Toyota is a Japanese company, they have American built transmissions.

The forklift transmission part number 32010-U2260-71 is used in Toyota’s serial G851 forklifts. That’s Toyota-speak for the following forklift models which you would see on your forklift data tag:
8FDU20 with a diesel 1DZ engine
8FDU25 with a diesel 1DZ engine
8FGCU30 with a diesel 1DZ engine
8FGCU32 with a diesel 1DZ engine
8FGCU20 with a 4Y engine (gas, LPG, or CNG)
8FGCU25 with a 4Y engine (gas, LPG, or CNG)
8FGCU30 with a 4Y engine (gas, LPG, or CNG)
8FGCU32 with a 4Y engine (gas, LPG, or CNG)

This is pretty much the heart of the line forklift transmission for Toyota  forklifts built in the last ten years. Intella can supply this transmission either new or remanufactured

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmission

Toyota forklift transmission

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