Budget costs for a rebuilt forklift engine

Forklift smoking?  Think you need a new engine?  Here are some “ball park” estimates for the price of a remanufactured engine.  Keep in mind this does not include labor to replace engine, shipping costs or accessory parts such as new water pump, belts, filters, etc.


Prices below do not include labor.  Labor to install a remanufactured engine usually runs around 24 hours.  If your forklift has a cab (making it more difficult to remove the engine), you should add around 8 hours.   Labor usually runs anywhere from $75 – $140 per hour depending on where you are located.  In other words, labor can run anywhere from $1800 – $3360 plus the costs below.


Need more help trying to figure out if your old forklift is worth replacing?  Check out this article here.


GM  181  (used in Hyster and some limited Yale forklifts)  $3000-3300

GM 4.3 engine (used in Hyster, Yale, and Toyota forklifts)  $2400-2700


Mazda F2 engine (used in Yale and Hyster forklifts)  $3100-3350

Mazda FE engine (used in Yale and Hyster forklifts)  $2700-3000


Nissan H20 (used in Komatsu, TCM, and Nissan forklifts) $2000-2300

Nissan K21 or K25 (used in Nissan and Cat/MItsubishi forklifts)  $3000-3500


Mitsubishi 4G54 4G52 (used in Clark and Mitsubishi forklifts)  $3000-3200

Mitsubishi 4G63 4G64 (used in Clark, Cat, and Mitsubishi forklifts)  $2900-3200


Toyota uses its own 4Y engine in its heart of the line forklift models such as 8FGCU15, 8FGCU25.

Check out pricing on a brand new here!


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5 thoughts on “Budget costs for a rebuilt forklift engine”

  1. Looking for a Nissan j15

    1. Hi David, This is an older engine then we carry rebuilt.

  2. I see you sell the gm 4.3 for Toyota forklifts. I have a fd45 with a Toyota inline 6 cylinder diesel. Can I put the 4.3 in it?

    David Price
    1. Hi David,
      We haven’t done it but believe there would be way too many mounting/configuration problems.

  3. Can you check please check price and availability of a replacement long block for a TCM FVG15N15 ser# 4230103. Thank You Frank Lozano Inland Marine 925-757-1714

    Frank Lozano / Inland Marine