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Where do I find my Komatsu forklift’s serial number?

Note: This page is for Komatsu forklifts only. To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides.

When ordering the correct parts for your forklift, knowing your forklift’s serial number is very important. The easiest way to find your Komatsu forklift’s serial number is to check the forklift’s nameplate (also called a data tag). This helpful label displays various details about your truck, like its model, its weight, how much it can lift, and more. Most importantly, though, a forklift’s nameplate also displays its serial number. On a Komatsu forklift, the nameplate is often found near the seat, like in the picture to the left, and looks something like the picture to the right:

Komatsu forklift's serial numberKomatsu forklift's serial number

Komatsu forklift's serial number

But what if your forklift’s nameplate has worn down or fallen off?

Don’t worry just yet. A Komatsu forklift’s serial number can sometimes be found physically stamped on its chassis. For example, to the right is the frame stamp from the forklift pictured above.

For more specific instruction on how to find your forklift’s frame stamp, look below for a collection of Komatsu models and where their serial numbers can be found.

Models and serial numbers

Komatsu forklift's serial number
AX50, BX50

This is a work in progress–check back for more Komatsu models soon!

We can help you find your komatsu forklift parts.

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9 thoughts on “Where do I find my Komatsu forklift’s serial number?”

  1. How do i know the manufactured date of a komatsu forklift model FG25TLP-12 SERIAL506471A

    1. 1999

      1. Please help with manufacture date for KOMATSU, MODEL: FG15STLP-16, SERIAL NO: 601076A

        1. 1999

  2. FD40ZT-7; FD40ZT-8, FD45T2-8 Where to find the chassis number pls ?

    1. Hi William,
      It will be shown on the data tag/truck ID tag on the dash board of the forklift.

  3. Can you tell me country of origin
    komatsu FG25T-16
    SERIAL # A224273

    Luis Noriega
  4. Hi, I’ve just purchased a Komatsu 2.5t forklift, it has no nameplate but the serial number is M117A-340233, can you tell me about this machine?

    Gavin Pearce