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Forklift filters

Want to learn about forklift filters?  Every forklift has filters that need to be routinely changed!  But not all forklifts have the same filters…and not all filters have to be changed in the same interval.

Engine Filters

Forklift Engine Oil Filters

forklift filters
Typical forklift oil filter

Most forklift manufacturers will state in their service manuals that engine oil filters need to be changed every 500 hours.  A simple way of keeping track of when you last changed your forklift filter is to write the hour meter reading when you changed the filter and the date on the filter itself.  If your forklift is run less than 500 hours, the filter should be changed at least once per year.

Air Filters

Forklift Air Filters

Typical air filter. This one was made by Donaldson.

A general rule of thumb is to check the air filter in your forklift each time you change the oil.  So if you are changing the engine oil filter every 500 hours, you should be checking the air filter at the same time.  There are a bunch of tips on checking air filters here.

Transmission Filters

Transmission Forklift Filters

Forklift transmission filter
Forklift transmission filter

You will want to check your forklift’s transmission filter and fluid every 500 hours.  Filters and fluids should be replaced every 2000 hours.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filters – in line

Typical Hydraulic filter.

Forklift hydraulic filters should be changed every 2000 hours.  Again, they should be checked every 500 hours and it does depend largely on the type of application you are running.  Dirty and dusty applications require more frequent filter changes.

Hydraulic Filters – sump

Same story on these guys.  Check them every 500 hours, replace them every 2000 hours, depending on how dirty your environment is.

Forklift sump filter
Sump filter

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