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Dana Off-Highway Transmission Oil Specifications

Dana (also known as Clark) off-highway transmissions are used in a variety of different forklift brands.  Dana actually purchased the Clark division back in 1997 (over 20 years ago!) but the name Clark still lingers on.

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Recommended Lubricants for Dana/Clark Transmissions and Converters:

  • Preferred Oil Viscosity

    • See the chart below and base your lubricant based on the correct temperature
    • If more than one applies, pick the one that your temperature is closest to the middle in the range


      Oil Application Chart
  • Approvals: Make sure to use multi-viscosity lubricants
  • Not Approved: GL-5 and engine oils – use only lubricant specified for transmissions!
  • Sump Pre-Heaters: Transmission fluid needs to be heated to a specific temperature before use to make sure it is pumping with the correct viscosity.
  • During warm up, make sure to stay in neutral gear! Driving is not allowed with a full load until minimum sump temperature is reached.
  • Using synthetic fluids, oil service life may be longer. To determine each transmissions change interval, measure the metal wear and oil oxidation over time to figure out the baseline. Please remember that removal of the transmission based solely on checking the metal ware is not recommended.
  • Transmission lubricant should follow the specifications of one of the following:
    • Caterpillar TO-4
    • MIL-PRD-2104G
    • John Deere J20 C, D
    • Dexron IID or Dextrol III

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