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Forklift Battery Troubleshooting

Need forklift battery chargers ? Intella Liftparts can help.

Forklift Battery Troubleshooting: If only they could last forever.

Chances are your forklift battery is going to give you problems at some point in time. When those problems arise, we want you to be prepared which is why we made this forklift battery troubleshooting guide. Below is a list of common problems associated with forklift batteries that occur over time. Listed are the different battery troubles, the conditions that come with them, what’s causing the problem, and how to collectively act upon it.

forklift battery troubleshooting intella liftparts

Short Circuited


  • Very low cell voltage and specific gravity during recharging and discharging
  • Low gassing while charging
  • Extreme rise of electrolyte temperature during charging phase
  • Fast drop of gravity after charging

Why is this happening? Probable cause:

  • Short circuited due to a dropping of active materials
  • Short circuited due to a broken separator
  • Short circuited due to advancing of broken pieces during manufacturing of battery

Where to go from here:

  • Replace the faulty cell with a single charged cell



  • While charging, the voltage and electrolyte temperature are much higher than the standard
  • Gassing is accelerated from charging and the gravity does not rise to normal
  • Voltage drops quickly while discharging
  • In some extreme cases, plates may become whitened

Why is this happening? Probable cause:

  • Repeatedly overcharging and discharging of battery
  • Plates exposed to open air for extended period of time
  • Lack of care during storage process
  • Excessively high gravity while using battery
  • Impurities causing excessive self discharge of battery

Where to go from here:

  • If the battery is in rather early conditions, remove the probable cause
  • Replace the faulty cell with a single charged cell if damage can’t be fixed

Excessive Self Discharging


  • Quick drop in gravity after charging
  • Charging capacity of battery significantly reduced

Why is this happening? Probable cause:

  • Using impure water in the battery
  • Specific gravity higher than it should be
  • Excessively high temperature of electrolytes
  • Battery container has been insufficiently cleaned

Where to go from here:

  • Take daily care of the battery
  • Replace the faulty cell with a single charged cell

Exchange of Polarity


  • Polarity switched around in some cells during discharging or high temperature of electrolytes
  • Electrolytes dissolve causing an emission of gas that changes the polarity of the battery

Why is this happening? Probable cause:

  • Caused by quick discharge without noticing a low capacity in a cell
  • Ill preparation of certain means like an equation charge

Where to go from here:

  • Replace faulty cell
  • Take daily care of the battery

Other Possible Factors

1. Color of electrolyte has changed to brown

– Due to corrosion of positive plate mixing into electrolytes

– Check voltage and gravity of battery

– Replace electrolyte

2. Chlorine smell during charging

– Due to sea water mixing into electrolytes

– Replace electrolyte and charge the battery until the smell is gone

– Replace cells

3. Electrolyte excessively reduced

– Battery cells are cracked

– High electrolyte temperature while charging

– Find causes and follow repair procedures

4. Unnaturally high electrolyte temperature

– Due to lack of electrolytes

– Due to shorted cells and/or reversed polarity

– Solder battery

5. Heat from connector portion

– Bad connector contact

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Parts Company can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.
Need forklift battery chargers? Intella Liftparts can help.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

How to Fix a Forklift

Fix a Forklift Yourself

You’ve probably been there before. You discover a problem with your forklift, find the right solution, buy the necessary parts, and then have to call in help to do the rest. But at Intella Liftparts, our goal is your independence: we’ve helped you with the parts, now let us help with everything else. With that said, check out this list of our ‘how to fix a forklift’ articles for repairs of all kinds. Our work focuses on the most common problems that forklifts can have, ensuring that help for you is as available as possible. Beyond repair tips, we also make it our goal to cover every other aspect of owning a forklift, from proper maintenance to safety training to varieties of forklift tires. Here at Intella, we strive to keep you up to date with the most current information we can provide about your vehicle. You know us as a parts service; now get to know us as so much more. Below you will find links to some of our popular ‘how to fix a forklift’ articles. Clicking on the title will take you right to the article page. You can also click here for a full list of articles on our website.

how to fix a forklift intella liftparts

More Resources to Help You Fix Your Forklift

How to identify and replace electrical contactors

How to select the best battery for your forklift

How to block your forklift prior to performing repairs

How to buy a new forklift

How to troubleshoot a no-start condition

How to maintain your forklift engine (internal combustion and electric)

How to replace a blown fuse

How to pick the right tires for your forklift

How to select a forklift battery charger

How to find the serial number on you forklift

How to avoid common forklift hazards

For more how-to articles and all around product knowledge, click here

how to fix a forklift intella liftpartsOh and if you want to prove to everyone that you’re

the boss, we’ve got just the right t-shirt for you.

Need forklift parts?  Need a Toyota forklift seat?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

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My Forklift Battery Smells Funny

My forklift battery smells a lot like rotten eggs – Why?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the smell of rotten eggs Forklift Battery Charger Intella Liftparts
coming from your forklift battery is not a good thing. The unpleasant smell resembling that of expired eggs is actually sulfur. Forklift batteries are made from lead plates that are covered in a lead oxide paste. This then sits in a pool of sulfuric acid. Almost every vehicular battery, regardless of the application, will at some point get a bad cell. When one of these battery cells stop taking a charge, the battery charger will throw everything it’s got at it to try and bring up the voltage. This causes the cell to get very hot and will boil the sulfuric acid stored inside the battery. When sulfuric acid gets cooked, you’re left with the rotten egg smell. Now if you’ve got an internal combustion forklift, the alternator could be overcharging your battery also resulting in the funky smell.

Forklift Battery Chargers Intella LiftpartsSo now I know why it smells, but what do I do now?

First thing’s first: Turn that charger off and let the battery cool down. No one likes boiling sulfuric acid. For safety reasons, place a tag on the battery to make sure no one uses it. Get in contact with a professional to check out your battery and charger. Have the professional replace the bad cell. If you can’t replace the cell, replace the battery. Following the replacement of the battery or the battery cell, check to see if your charger is working properly. No one wants to buy a new battery only to have it ruined by a bad battery charger.

What caused my battery to fail?

Assuming that it wasn’t your battery charger that was the problem, there are a few things that may have caused your battery to fail.

  • Water – If the water that you add to the battery is full of dissolved minerals, the minerals can accumulate making it rather difficult for the battery to take a charge. This can cause the cell to overheat.
  • Warehouse Floor – Working on an uneven floor can jar the forklift battery, knocking the oxide paste off of the plates causing them to short out.
  • Manufacturer’s Defect – Every now and then a battery may flat out under-perform. This can be due to a defect in the battery. Check with the manufacturer of the battery in regards to warranty information as many times they will be covered for a certain number of years.

Where to go from here.

Thinking your forklift battery charger is the problem?

Here are some helpful links:

Guide to selecting a new battery charger

Battery charger catalog

Need forklift parts?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Liftparts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

How old is my Taylor Dunn?

So how old is my Taylor Dunn vehicle?

Taylor Dunn shipped off their first commercial vehicle back in 1949. Being that they have been in business for 67 or so years, they have released a variety of different models and vehicle types. To make your life easier and to solve the mystery of when your vehicle was made, we have provided a chart that displays vehicle history by serial number starting with 1965.  The chart shows all the serial numbers created for each year. For example, in 1994 the first serial number is 107340 and the last serial number is 112189. If your vehicle has a serial number either matching those numbers or is in between those numbers, it’s a 1994 model. That chart is available here:  TD Vehicle History by Serial Number


Popular replacement parts for Taylor Dunn vehicles:

The parts listed below are all best sellers for Taylor Dunn vehicles. Click on the product name to learn more about the selected part. Going from left to right: Solenoid,  Non-Asbestos Brake Pads,  Ball Bearing,  Sliding J Hook Bar,  10A Circuit Breaker,  Hex Bolt.

Need parts for a Taylor Dunn vehicle?  With thousands of parts in stock, quick shipping and great customer service, Intella Parts can help. You can also check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos, product overviews, and other great clips.

Looking for more taylor dunn parts? Intella Parts can help!

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Forklift Forks: Everything you need to know

What good is your forklift without a great pair of forks??

forklift forks intella liftpartsForklift forks will start to get worn the first day of use. If you’re company is one that often uses a lift truck, then it’s a very, very good idea to regularly inspect the forks. Now there are a few things to look for while inspecting the forks. The thickness of the fork blade should match the thickness of the back of the fork. The heel of the fork must be checked for cracks. Make sure there is no differentiating height of the fork tips. You must be able to read the factory markings of the forks. Also, the hooks of the forks must be checked for any deformations. If a problem occurs with any of these inspection points, the forks must be replaced. Lucky for you, Intella Parts carries all sorts and sizes of quality forklift forks and accessories. Our forks are manufactured to meet or exceed two major specifications: ISO2330 and ANSI (The American National Standards Institute). Intella also offers a variety of special application forks which discussed later in the article.

Not sure what class your forks are in? Check out our video below.

Common Class 2 Forks:

 1.50 x 4 x 42  Forklift Forks

1.50 x 4 x 42 forklift forks intella liftparts 1.50 x 4 x 42 forklift forks intella liftparts

Manufacturer Specs

We can use your own carrier for shipping as well. Please call us at 616-796-6638

Lift capacity per pair (2 forks): 5500 pounds at 20 inch load center.
Price is per pair of forklift forks.

1.75 x 4 x 48  Forklift Forks

1.75 x 4 x 48 forklift forks intella liftparts1.75 x 4 x 48 forklift forks intella lfitparts

We can use your own carrier for shipping as well. Please call us at Manufacturer Specs616-796-6638

to arrange for shipping this way.

Lift capacity per pair (2 forks): 5720 pounds at 20 inch load center.
Price is per pair of forklift forks.


Specialty Forklift Forks:

We know there are many different jobs out there and basic forks may not get the job done. That’s why here at Intella we offer a list of different forklift fork types that can be special ordered so you can tackle that task at hand. Below is a list of all the different types of forks and their general applications. For more information on where to order these special application forks, visit our website here:


anti slip forklift forks intella liftpartsAnti-Slip Forks

  • Durable abrasive coating applied to top of blade
  • Designed to be used for handling pallets made of plastic
  • Provides a jagged surface to properly grip the pallet
  • Adds minimal thickness while ensuring the safety of product while moving and stopping


Block Forksblock forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used for lifting large concrete or cement blocks
  • The heel is forged enlarged for maximum strength upon lifting
  • Heel can be ordered “concave” in order to reduce damage of the product
  • Can be ordered in any length needed to complete job at hand


Bolt-On ForksBolt-on forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Attached to the fork carrier with bolts instead of using hooks or a tube
  • Allows for more stable forks and limits movement when loaded
  • Reduces overall deflection in the upright of fork
  • Can be either bolted from the front or the back

Coil ForksCoil forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Primarily used to move steel coils, reels, and concrete pipes
  • Can be forged to have either chamfer or radius edges on the blades
  • Top of the upright can also be rounded in order to reduce possible damage
  • Chamfer and radius edges have different lifting capacities

 Corrugated Forkscorrugated forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Blade reduced in thickness down to an edge at the tip
  • Used to wedge under and lift corrugated sheets resting on a flat surface
  • Polished and fully top tapered blade allowing for easy transition in thickness
  • Also available with full bottom taper and in many different widths

DAGS Magnetic Fork Coversmagnetic forklift fork covers intella liftparts

  • Used in situations where products could be damaged from contact with bare forks
  • Features a rubber layer, iron core, and magnetic layer
  • You can install or remove them in seconds

Drum Forksdrum forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Made for lifting one or two drums at one time
  • Both blades have an arc on the inside edge to match with the diameter of the drum
  • Usually used for moving standard  44/55 Canadian and US gallon drum
  • Can still be used to lift conventional loads

Folding Forksfolding forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Designed to fold at the heel of the fork and placed vertically.
  • Allows for storing forklift in restricted work environments and easier transportation
  • Contains chain that attaches to pin that wraps around the blade, keeping it secure

Fully Tapered FTP Forksfully tapered ftp forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Fully tapered and polished forks are used in lumber, gypsum and finely finished goods
  • Have one long taper that starts past heel and extends down to tip
  • Polished with a smooth finish so that no material catches or drags on the fork
  • Usually thinner than standard taper and can be refined to chisel tip

Gypsum Forksgypsum forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks are used to protect the product at hand, especially gypsum wallboard
  • Fork upright contains a durable slide pad, made of either polyurethane or neoprene
  • Polished blade with sharp corners removed
  • Hook or shaft type mountings available

Inverted Forksinverted forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks mounted upside down typically  used for lifting large bags that have loops above product
  • Upper load bearing hook fitted relative to the back die radius
  • Top of the blade is rounded not to harm the straps of the bags
  • Capacity rating of the forks are reduced by 15% due to inverted angle

Offset and Inset Forks offset and inset forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Offset forks designed to enable the forks to be wider than the carriage
  • Inset forks designed to enable the forks to be narrower than the carriage
  • By doing this, load capacity must be re-evaluated

Peek-A-Boo (PAB) Forkspeek a boo forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Created to expand the visibility of the driver
  • Wide fork type, used mostly in the lumber industry
  • Shank width is reduced which is possible due to diminished stress exerted on the fork
  • Can be custom ordered for fit

Quick Detach Forksquick detach forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Designed to be quickly and easily removed from the carriage
  • Have an upper hook that allows for removal of forks without having to take off fork retaining bar
  • Have an open style hook which can fit on either a round or square carriage bar

Shaft Forksshaft forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Allow for a floating function for use in  areas of uneven grounds
  • Usually used on larger lift trucks and construction machinery
  • Pin suspension of fork is used to guide it on a shaft previously mounted on machine

Spark Retardant Forksspark retardant forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used on forklifts operating in hazardous conditions
  • Other than upright backing, fork is coated in brass to retard sparks
  • Common in chemical plants, grain elevators, mines, paint plants, munitions and arsenal manufacturing

Tin Plate Forkstin plate forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Primarily used to load can forming machines
  • Tapered and offset tips allow for easier access into small skids
  • Option of a neoprene or polyurethane slide-in pad to protect product
  • Can be mounted with hooks or tubes

Tire Forkstire forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Used for lifting tires of all different shapes and sizes
  • Forks have a custom radius on top inside of blade, finished with rounded edges to prevent damage
  • Can have an economical 45 degree edge or tire contour on the edge of blade

Two-Stage Taper Forkstwo stage taper forklift forks intella liftparts

  • Forks designed for increased stability when handling longer or deep stacks of lumber
  • Shorter but more durable tip for easier entry into lumber stack
  • 20% from fork tip is 50% of full thickness which can reduce fork deflection
  • Option of polishing top of fork blade

Frequently asked questions regarding forklift forks:

Need forklift forks? Intella Parts has what you need.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Impco Model J Regulator and Friends

The Impco Model J Regulator is a fantastic product, but like all machine parts, get worn out and need care. This blog page is dedicated to repairing and/or replacing your regulator. Impco is a manufacturer of fuel system components that has been around since 1958. Impco works with fuel system components  for alternative fuels like LPG/propane gas that allow for a cleaner environment. You can find Impco parts in a variety of different forklift brands such as Hyster, Nissan, Toyota, Yale and many others. Intella carries the most popular pressure regulator, the Impco Model J, along with a few other models, accessories and kits.

How to Repair and Rebuild Your Impco Model J Regulator:

Full Replacements:

So your regulator is on it’s way to the forklift graveyard? Have no fear. Here at Intella we have a couple different models so you can find the perfect replacement to get your forklift running smooth again.

Classic model:  Impco Model J Regulator

Impco Model J Regulator

The Impco Model J regulator/vaporizer delivers reliable performance and pressure output consistency. It’s reliability, especially with questionable fuel quality, has made it an industry standard for many years. Two vapor outlet pressures are available. The standard Impco Model JB (this version, meaning blue spring) provides -1.5″wc (0.37 kPa). The optional JO (J-orange) provides 0.5″ wc (0.12 wPa). The port size and mounting pad locations are identical to the Impco Cobra regulator and include a primary pressure test port and “left” or “right” fuel outlets.

Hyster 0213549
Nissan 16310-90H71
Nissan 16310-90H72
Toyota 23530-U2000-71
Toyota 23530-U2001-71
Yale 517079800

Base model:  Generic Model JB Regulator

impco model j regulator intella liftparts

The generic model JB regulator and the Impco Model J are similar in build, although a noticeable difference would be the primer button found on the generic model JB. Impco no longer manufactures Model J’s with a primer button but the generic model JB does have one. The primer button can allow for a shot of propane  into the engine for starting purposes. The “B” stands for blue spring.  This is by far the most common model J regulator.  The blue spring offers negative 0.37 kPa (1.5 inches w.c.). The Impco Model JB diaphragm is made of hydrin and is suitable for most applications.

Repair Kits:

Don’t think you need a brand new regulator? Save some money and pick up a rebuild kit. You can repair and rebuild Model J Regulators using kits made of hydrin or silicone. You can rebuild a Model J regulator as many times as you can get your paws on a rebuild kit. Oh and you’re in luck because here at Intella, we regularly stock a few different kits.

What’s the difference between hydrin and silicone you ask?

Well to start off, silicone performs better in colder climates than hydrin. This is due to the fact that the silicone diaphragm stays noticeably more flexible in colder weather. The physical makeup of silicone is actually lighter than hydrin too, making a little bit more responsive. Lastly and very advantageous, is that silicone has a better resistance to being damaged from fuel.

Classic Kit: Impco Model J Repair Kit

impco model j regulator intella liftparts

Most common Impco regulator repair kit, mostly used on forklift propane fuel systems. Repair kit for the popular Model J forklift LPG regulator. Includes hydrin diaphragm, secondary seats, gaskets and primary diaphragm. Exactly what you need to rebuild an Impco Model J regulator.

If you need parts, Intella can help.  We have thousands of parts available at great prices and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  Click here for more information! Also you can check out Intella’s YouTube channel for how-to videos and product demos.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Forklift Parts: The People’s Favorites

Note: Shop JCB parts online now!

 Forklift Parts – Who Knew Some Parts Could Be So Popular?

Maybe not the high school quarterback, but almost just as popular, these forklift parts are some of the most sought out products here at Intella. This week’s blog from your favorite parts dealer will be discussing the most searched upon terms. What’s everyone really looking for when clicking on that trusty Google Search bar? Well keep reading to find out!

Intella Forklift Blue Light

When working with heavy and possibly dangerous products, I’ve always been told safety first. This principle seems to hold true as the Intella Blue Spot Light is one of the most searched about forklift parts we sell here at the Intella headquarters. Since 2012, we’ve actually sold more blue lights than anyone else in the USA. Not bad I’d say, but it’s not our marketing department doing the work. These Blue Spot Lights really speak for themselves. They are UL listed and created for the toughest of environments, built with a metal casing and stainless steel hardware. Not to mention you can use this light on almost any forklift, whether electric, LPG or diesel powered. This LED light is also extremely long life, with a span greater than 20,000 hours.

*Maybe you just drank 3 pots of coffee and 2 Red Bulls one Friday afternoon and decide you want to jump the loading dock with your forklift. Well here’s some good news since this stunt will probably end with bad news; the Blue Spot has a 12 month warranty so we’ll replace it for you (just not the rest of the forklift).


Tie Rod (includes bearing and nut)

Your forklift’s engine can be in great working condition for years on end. This is great! Unfortunately, the rest of the forklift does not have the same capability. Every time you use your steering wheel (nearly every time you use your forklift), it puts stress on the tie rod ends. So as you can see, they must be replaced over time due to wear and tear. This tie rod end is a direct replacement for Hyster part number 185870. This part also includes the bearing and nut needed for proper assembly.

Intella Single Phase 36V/140A Lift Truck Battery Charger

If you don’t have a working battery, it’s a safe assumption that you aren’t going to be moving very far and if you can’t move, neither will your product. With a quality battery charger this problem can be diminished. Coming up 3rd for the most sought out forklift parts would be this 36 volt 140 amp single phase charger.

• Charging profile suitable for single and double shift operations
• Automatic equalizing/preservation
• Charging profile control by microprocessor
• Automatic start, charging process and shut off
• Advanced visualization by 5 LED’s /Date storage memory
• External optional keypad for programming and diagnostic.
• Delayed start to avoid sparks

A little fuzzy on how to pick the right forklift charger? Don’t worry we’re here to help. Click here for a free guide.

12-24V LED Worklamp

It’s time to brighten up your day with this high performance LED work light. It’s no wonder these are such a popular product here at Intella. With 5 LED’s putting out 1050 lumens, you can really boost your workplace productivity. This light is easy to install and remove from your lift truck. A clear acrylic lens protect the LED’s along with a black painted aluminum shell. This light can be operated within a range of 12 volts to 24 volts.

Amp draw: 0.9 amp at 12 volts

   0.47 amp at 24 volts


Impco Model J Regulator

The Impco Model J Regulator. From it’s consistency year to year to it’s reliable performance in all situations, much can be said about this product. This has given Impco an industry standard image for it’s various models. The Impco Model J features a silicone diaphragm and a blue spring. It also has three vapor outlet pressures.

This regulator replaces:

  • Hyster 0213549
  • Nissan 16310-90H71
  • Nissan 16310-90H72
  • Toyota 23530-U2000-71
  • Toyota 23530-U2001-71
  • Yale 517079800

Another commonly searched upon product is the rebuild kit for the Model J. For details on that product, click here.  Also, for those wondering how to do repairs on a Model J, you can watch the video below.

If you need parts, Intella can help.  We have thousands of parts available at great prices and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  Click here for more information!

Also you can check out Intella’s YouTube channel for how-to videos and product demos.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Toyota Forklift Parts: Top 5 Selling Products

The first ever Toyota forklift was produced in 1956. It has been some time since then and things have changed. Toyota forklifts today receive some of the highest brand ratings so it’s no wonder why we sell so many of their parts and replacements. To compliment the company’s work, we will cover the top 5 selling Toyota forklift parts in today’s market.

1) Toyota 2 Sided Key

Toyota forklift parts
2 Sided Key – part no. 57591-23330-71

At number 1, we have a Toyota key to start off the list (no pun intended). We here at Intella know you jump for joy when you see your forklift. You want to hop in and get cruising around a fast as possible, we get it. Well with the help of the aftermarket double sided key, you can start your lift truck just that much quicker. Not long ago, forklifts came with one sided keys until it was decided the teeth would be cut into both sides. This allows for a quicker start, reducing the time you may be fumbling around with a traditional key. This key is most commonly used on the 7 and 8 series Toyota forklifts.

2) Toyota Forklift Seat

Forklift seats can take a beating and often need to be replaced. That might give some reason as to why this replacement Toyota forklift seat ranks number 2 on our list of parts. Although designed for Toyota 6 and 7 series forklifts, this seat can be made to fit on almost all forklift brands with a little work. Featuring a wingback style seat, driver safety is increased as you are more protected from sliding off the forklift. This is a black vinyl, semi-suspension seat equipped with a retractable seat belt. This low cost, high quality seat also includes mounting rails.

*Two thumbs up*

   For an inside look, check out our video:

     For those who have this seat or are thinking about

purchasing one, you can see how to properly install it here:

3) Toyota LPG/Propane Filter Pad

Filter Pad – part no. 23671-U1101
Filter Pad – part no. 23671-U1101

Coming in at number 3 on our list of Toyota forklift parts is the LPG/Propane Filter Pad. If your fuel regulator isn’t running as it should be, try picking up a new filter pad for a quick and also cheap fix. Ranking 3rd on the list of most sold Toyota  forklift parts, it’s clear this pad is replaced from time to time.

   For those who have picked up this filter pad or are thinking

  of doing so, check this video out on how to quickly replace it:

4) Toyota LPG/Propane Filter Kit

Toyota forklift parts
Filter Kit – part no. 04236-U1100-71

Big number 4 on our list of Toyota forklift parts would be the LPG/Propane Filter Kit. A new fuel regulator can be expensive, and from what I’ve learned, spending less money is a good thing. Instead of trashing your regulator, check out the Toyota filter rebuild kit. Sometimes a new set of filters is all you need to get your regulator running correctly again.

      For those who have purchased the kit or are

   thinking about it, here’s a short installation video:

5) Toyota Forklift Oil Filter

Oil filter 0585059Not all products sold are glamorous ones, but the filter pictured here sure is an effective one. At number 5 we have a top quality, replacement Toyota oil filter. This filter is a spin-on type filter designed for Toyota 4Y engines.

You can get your Toyota parts online along with a bunch of other forklift brands at  We have thousands of forklift parts online. Call us today 616-796-6638.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC