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Axletech , Meritor, and Rockwell Axle Identification: How to know the Difference

Axletech was spun off from Rockwell International’s off highway division in 2002.  These axles are used in a variety of applications such as forklifts, ground support equipment, cranes, aerial lifts, and other off highway equipment.   Axles built before 2002 were marked with Rockwell.  Axles built in 2002 and later were marked with the words Axletech.  You can order Axletech parts online at Intella’s website.  Before you order however, you need to figure out which part number to order.  We’re here to help. In 2019 Axletech became part of Meritor off-highway division.  We offer parts for Meritor off-highway axles but not for Meritor on-highway.

Data Tag

There’s a data tag on each axle.  That data tag contains some important information and it will help us find the correct parts for your equipment.  The diagram below shows where the data tag would be found and a typical model number.

Axletech and Rockwell Axle Identification

axletech parts from intella lift parts axletech parts intella liftparts

Once you have the model number of the axle, you are ready to identify the part numbers you need.  Call us at 616-796-1288 or email us with this information.  You can also simply email us a photograph of the Axletech identification tag.

Tip:  some part numbers are stamped on individual axle components.  Please share this information with the axle model number–often if digits are missing on the part number we can still identify the part as long as we have the axle model information from the ID plate.

Axletech axles are used in a variety of different equipment.  They’re typically found in forklifts (like Hyster, Hoist, Royal, Kalmar, and Terex) as well as ground support equipment like Tug tractor parts.  Axletech has good parts availability and Intella has access to the complete line of parts from Axletech.

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Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC

Warehouse scales – go mobile and save time!

Warehouse scales are a necessary tool in any shipping or logistics department.  Bills of lading need to be accurate and the best way to calculate the weigh of a load is to use a scale.  Sure you can estimate the total weight of the shipment by adding up all the individual piece weights but checking overall pallet weight is still the most accurate method.

If you’re exploring scales, you have a few different options.

Fixed in place warehouse scales are installed in one location and powered with AC power.  Some have display units that can be mounted on a wall or in other locations.  They have a significant downside, however–they can only be in one place at any given time.  If your operation has multiple shipping docks, forklift operators have to spend time driving loads over to the scale, sharing the scale with other drivers, and basically spending time sitting around until the scale becomes free.

warehouse scale

Forklift hydraulic scales are a low price option.  They estimate (some say guesstimate) the weight using sensors in the hydraulic system of the forklift.  These systems are priced under $1000, require a forklift technician to install them, and operators frequently complain that they quickly go out of adjustment.  It’s sort of a “poor mans” solution to the problem.

Forklift scales are a perfect solution.  They’re mounted on the carriage of the forklift and allow operators to quickly determine the weight of the load.  They are the most accurate mobile weighing solution.

Historically forklift scales have been very pricey, ranging from $6,000-$10,000 per forklift.  In addition, there are a few other downsides.  Forklift scales that are mounted on the carriage sometimes de-rate the forklift, that is, they move the load out away from the front of the forklift.  Anytime you de-rate a forklift you need to order a new data tag from the forklift manufacturer to stay compliant with ANSI and OSHA guidelines.  Also, some forklift scales require wiring of cables through the carriage, through the mast of the forklift to the operator compartment.  In other words, the installation is not simple and it’s usually pricey.

There’s a better way and that’s with E-forks from Intella Parts.

warehouse scale forklift scale
E-forks mounted on Hyster forklift

E-forks are simple to install.  Simply remove the old forks and replace with the heavy duty E-forks.  Install the display unit somewhere on the overhead guard with the heavy duty clamp system.  Turn on power and you’re in business!

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC