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Seal Kit Steering Cyl

TOYOTA 04433-u2050-71 Seal Kit Steering Cyl
Code: 04433-u2050-71
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Toyota 04433-U2050-71
For Toyota forklifts

Used on the following Toyota forklift models:
Production Period Model Code Series Code
9507-9910 30-5FBCHU20  G818
9507-9910 30-5FBCHU25  G818
9507-9910 30-5FBCU18   G818
9507-9910 30-5FBCU20   G818
9507-9910 30-5FBCU25   G818
9507-9910 5FBCHU20     G818
9507-9910 5FBCHU25     G818
9507-9910 5FBCU18      G818
9507-9910 5FBCU20      G818
9507-9910 5FBCU25      G818
9507-9910 5FBCUH20     G818
9507-9910 5FBCUH25     G818
9507-9910 30-5FBCU30   G819
9507-9910 5FBCU30      G819
9507-9909 02-6FDU15    G820
9507-9909 02-6FDU18    G820
9507-9909 42-6FGU15    G820
9507-9909 42-6FGU18    G820
9507-9909 42-6FGU20    G821
9507-9909 42-6FGU25    G821
9507-9909 52-6FGU20    G821
9507-9909 52-6FGU25    G821
9507-9909 62-6FDU20    G821
9507-9909 62-6FDU25    G821
9507-9909 42-6FGCU20   G824
9507-9909 42-6FGCU25   G824
9507-9909 52-6FGCU20   G824
9507-9909 52-6FGCU25   G824
9507-9909 42-6FGCU30   G825
9507-9909 52-6FGCU30   G825
Seal Kit Steering Cyl

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