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We understand every JLG aerial lift encounters a problem once in a while. That’s why we’ve come up with a troubleshooting page for you, this one specifically for JLG troubleshooting. Listed below are some popular JLG scissor lifts and their corresponding error codes, although not restricted to these models. If you ever need JLG replacement parts or accessories, you can visit our website by clicking here.


JLG troubleshooting 1930ES


Popular JLG Scissor Lifts:

  • JLG 1930ES
  • JLG 2030ES
  • JLG 2032ES
  • JLG 2630ES
  • JLG 2632ES
  • JLG 2646ES
  • JLG 3246ES



JLG troubleshooting diagnostic codes:

If the number starts with….. it’s a

2-1 – Power Up Problem

2-2 – Platform Controls

2-3 – Ground Controls

2-5 – Function Prevented

3-1 – Line Contactor Open Circuit              6-6 – Communication

3-2 – Line Contactor Short Circuit               6-7 – Accessory

3-3 – Ground Output Driver                        7-7 – Electric Motor

4-2 – Thermal Output                                 8-1 – Tilt Sensor

4-4 – Battery Supply                                   8-2 – Platform Load Sense



Popular JLG Troubleshooting Codes

  • Error Code: 212

Fault Message: Faulty Keyswitch

Description: Both platform and ground modes are selected simultaneously.

Check: Key switch function, Check wiring to key switch function.


  • Error Code: 221

Fault Message: Horn Permanently Selected

Description: The horn switch was closed during power-up in platform mode.

Check: Check if the horn is damaged, obstructed or jammed.


  • Error Code: 226

Fault Message: Accelerator Faulty

Description: The joystick signal is outside the acceptable range of 0.5V – 4.5V.

Check: Center joystick and check to see if a power cycle will clear DTC.


  • Error Code: 231

Fault Message: Function Problem – Lift Permanently Selected

Description: The ground control box lift switch was closed up or down, during power up in ground mode.

Check: Check if the lift switch is obstructed or jammed.


  • Error Code: 233

Fault Message: Function Problem – Brake Release Permanently Selected

Description: The manual brake release switch was closed during power-up.

Check: Check if brake release switch is obstructed or jammed.


  • Error Code: 251

Fault Message: Elev Angle Sensor Faulty

Description: Elevation angle sensor input voltage is outside the acceptable range of 0.10V – 4.50V.

Check: Check that the platform elevation sensor is securely mounted and undamaged, Check the elevation sensor wiring.


  • Error Code: 314

Fault Message: Auxiliary Circuit – Open Relay

Description: The auxiliary relay did not close when energized.

Check: Check the auxiliary relay coil and associated wiring.


  • Error Code: 441

Fault Message: Battery Voltage Too Low

Description: The power module momentarily measure battery voltage under 14.5V.

Check: Recharge batteries or check for damaged batteries.


  • Error Code: 775

Fault Message: Open Circuit Field Wiring

Description: Drive, steer, and lift prevented.

Check: The system module applied field current, but could regulate the desired current. The situation is caused by improper field wiring or a damaged motor.




JLG troubleshooting

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9 thoughts on “JLG Troubleshooting – Aerial Lifts”

  1. Hello, I have a 2004 JLG 20DVL ASSECCOR that has brand new batteries and the remote wont read the module and it says charge batteries, please help.

    Cornelius Lott
  2. I have 2JLG 1930 ES lifts that both seem to be stuck in turtle mode or slower flashing a 2.5 code ? Tilt sensor ?

  3. Have a jlg scissor lift, changed batteries, tried different control box, ..lift is still dead. No lights. No sound. No nothing.

    Was working fine, then stopped. dead. Started working again for a few minutes, then stopped again. this time permanently dead. nothing. For a few days now.

    Please help.
    Any thoughts. ?

    Jesus Chacon
  4. Have a 1930ES that the horn blows everytime it moves, either forward, backward, up or down. How do I turn the horn off. As a side note, on the platform console box, on the battery indicator all of the green boxes are on along with a red box on the first box. The MDI shows 100% charged with no errors.

    Terry Neckar